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  • Wed, 22:43: RT @edbfree: RT @Strootles @lonestarball John Rhadigan has single handedly forced me to prefer watching NBA over the Rangers <haha me too
  • Wed, 22:44: RT @MarkCMoore: If I watched a game with Rhadigan's mother, even she would ask why the #Rangers hate their fans.
  • Wed, 22:44: RT @MarkCMoore: John Rhadigan is worse than I ever thought possible. A total slap in the face that the #Rangers expect us to just accep ...
  • Wed, 22:47: RT @lonestarball: Rhadigan and Grieve sound like they are calling a golf tournament.
  • Wed, 22:47: RT @villedog: Do Rhadigan & TAG both have a cold or is the audio just muffled. They sound like shit.
  • Wed, 23:09: “@ParkerTaggart: @lonestarball I never really liked Josh Lewin... After 30 games of Rhadigan, I would kill for Lewin.” MY FEELINGS EXACTLY
  • Wed, 23:17: “@BonzerWolf: HATE going after Rhadigan but this is not acceptable. Give him his old job. He did it well. We deserve competent PBP #rangers
  • Wed, 23:22: If you think Rhadigan is a bad PBP guy, hit the mute and read the closed caption. He's MUCH worse than you think! #rangers
  • Wed, 23:33: Rhadigan is a Michigander with a voice for newspaper,trying to talk like a Texan but sounding like Yankee with a bad southern drawl singing
  • Wed, 23:37: RT @FuturePants: Mavs are playing well - turn off the Rhadigan Disaster and turn on basketball for the 4th, is my vote.
  • Wed, 23:38: RT @villedog: I'm sorry to keep saying this... I know it's getting old, but there's no way you'll find a worse PBP guy in all MLB than R ...
  • Wed, 23:41: RT @jimrome: I don't care where you are, you can feel the tension at Staples now, right?
  • Wed, 23:44: Omg. I regret turning up the sound on rangers game for that last out. WTF Rhadigan??
  • Wed, 23:45: RT @tepper: CJ Wilson, for the win. John Rhadigan, for the loss.
  • Wed, 23:52: #mavs biggest lead of the night 10 points. Make that 13. 5 minutes remaining
  • Wed, 23:53: LMAO Barrera just taking over the game #mavs pwning #lakers 4:20 left in regulation
  • Wed, 23:56: And 1 #mavs
  • Wed, 23:57: RT @lizbuddie: Lol. RT @MrESPN09: The bandwagon will empty.. Laker fans will scatter like roaches.. new OKC fans on the way..
  • Thu, 00:02: Why is the worst referee in the history of the NBA patting Ron Artest on the ass after he fouls one of the Dallas #mavs
  • Thu, 00:04: Artest the biggest A-hole on the court #mavs VS #lakers
  • Thu, 00:06: RT @BWright_2Real: Wow, this nigga Artest is ignorant.. smh
  • Thu, 00:08: RT @C_NO: Artest oh bipolar bitch
  • Thu, 00:09: RT @ChuckPac: Ron Artest with his best NHL checking impression. Good job leaving him in there Phil! Artest will probably be suspended fo ...
  • Thu, 00:10: RT @Deuce1990: RT @Boobah_ Artest getting suspended Lakers getting swept
  • Thu, 00:11: RT @MsWJLBri: Artest can be a bully all day in LA but he didn't have an answer for Ben Wallace when he straight Mushed his whole head lol
  • Thu, 00:11: RT @AlanTCrawford: Go mavs! JJ you were a stud. Artest continued to prove himself a thug, ejection suits you sir. #mavsnation #winning
  • Thu, 00:12: RT @iMEOW_: They should let Ron Artest beat all them niggas asses.. Yall know he psycho & got retarded strength
  • Thu, 00:16: It's official, "Artest will get suspended for the third game" -Sir Charles Barkley #mavs #lakers phuck Ron Artest & his sorry bipolar self
  • Thu, 00:20: RT @shawnhalpin: TNT's Charles Barkley "Lakers are done. Dallas has a better team."
  • Thu, 00:29: RT @rwaraich101: Charles Barkley- "you can't just run across the court and punch a guy in the face" LOL
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