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Obama Mismanagement Candidate #1- Kyle "Bully" Barnette
Kyle "Bully" Barnette suddenly and unexpectedly retired from his high-ranking management position as the Deputy Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the ICE-SAC Office, New Orleans, LA on 2008.  Barnette spent over a year misusing his government issued BlackBerry to engage in cyber bulling practices on the website,

Immediately after he retired, Barnette was rehired by the former  boss he defended so vigorously on the Internet during duty hours.  ICE chief, Julie Myers,  the much maligned and most imcompetent government leader  who rewarded Barnette with his do nothing job, has departed ICE and is reportedly forming an immigration "consultant" firm.  Barnette is still  HMFIC of one of the biggest boondoggle pork barrell projects ever perpertrated on the American taxpayer, the TACTICAL INTELLIGENCE CENTER at Bay St. Louis, Ms.

You can contact Barnette to inquire about his six figure  "double dipping" salary at the address below. Barnette also receives a huge CSRS annuity.   By the way, Barnette is still abusing a government issued vehicle, comutting daily from home to work at taxpayer's expense. 

Kyle E. Barnette
DHS/ICE/Office of Intelligence
Director, Tactical Intelligence Center (TIC)
Bldg. 2040, Stennis Space Center, MS 39529
228-688-3205 (Direct Line) 228-688-3501 (Direct FAX)
504-915-2709 (Cell)
Kyle.Barnette@DHS.GOV (Email)




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