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  • Mon, 13:34: 100 F at Arlington Municipal Airport, TX Winds are Calm. The pressure is 1015.2 mb and the humidity is 26% #dfw
  • Mon, 13:39: Day 31 in a row, & we should easily reach 40 days in a row of temps above 100 at #dfw Now 104 in shade with 26% humidity in Wolf's backyard
  • Mon, 13:53: I'm at Our Place Restaurant (915 W Debbie Lane, Mansfield)
  • Mon, 16:50: Congress taking 5 week recess after final passage of #debtceiling bill. I'm taking 6 days & will continue to post daily
  • Mon, 16:52: “@CBS11Larry: DFW has broken the record. High today is 107. Previous record was 106 set in 1998. #dfw #recordhigh #txweather” 110 at WOLF
  • Mon, 18:41: RT @Bobdabull: Unhinged Chris Matthews Smears Tea Party Republicans as Baby-Kidnapping 'Terrorists' for Debt Deal | htt ...
  • Mon, 18:43: No tinkle running down leg of despicable liberal fascist Chris Matthews tonight #msnbc #p2 #fail
  • Mon, 18:53: If you still don't realize now that the progressive wing of the DemocRAT Party is the text book definition of "fascism" ur a moron. #msnbc
  • Mon, 21:04: #teaparty denied opportunity to see Rachel Madcow & Fat Ed's head spin like a top. Another ratings opportunity blown by #p2 #msnbc morons
  • Mon, 21:16: Has military industrial lobby ever had a bigger shill than Sen. Lindsey Graham? DOD FULL of waste & fraud #doubledippers #justsayin
  • Mon, 21:38: If Sarah Palin decides to seek Prez nomination, there will be more Democrats voting in GOP open primaries than #teaparty members #justsayin
  • Mon, 21:48: Liberal Fascist VP of USA says #teaparty are terrorists, Muslims part of DemocRAT base, USSS needs to pay rent. Is anyone surprised? #p2
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