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  • Mon, 09:16: RT @mikepfs: Big Government - The Left’s ‘Terrorism’ Tantrum
  • Mon, 09:24: S&P downgrades Fannie May & Freddie Mac stocks tumble on news. DOW off 300+, S&P down 3.16%. 401Ks,mutual funds,retirement plans plunging
  • Mon, 09:28: Aug on pace to be worst month since Feb 2009. VIX (volatility) hits 52 week high. This is a huge mess with no clean up in site. Thanks #p2
  • Mon, 09:33: World Economy is built on government run Ponzie schemes. As bad as it is in USA, Europe & rest of world in deeper trouble. No safe haven
  • Mon, 09:38: Last day in #vegas Only gambling today will once again be watching thousands of dollars invested over 35 years disappear.DOW -375 & falling
  • Mon, 09:41: Gold up 3%. S&P and NASDAQ down over 4% so far today after record losses over the last month. These kinds of sustained loses effect EVERYONE
  • Mon, 09:48: Headed for 2 billion share trade day on #nyse. Panic liquidation in progress. NEVER sell into a panic. Don't invest new $ until Gold falls
  • Mon, 10:48: Obama can only say two things to improve economic disaster 1) "VP & I are both resigning" or "I will not run 4 2nd term" #teaparty #p2 #gop
  • Mon, 11:03: Bank of America down 15% today, 50% for the year. Ignorance is bliss. Most people have no idea how close we are to second Great Depression
  • Mon, 11:06: Europe is close to a total collapse. Over 50 years of socialism will do that. US to follow if we don't radically change our #p2 ways #tcot
  • Mon, 11:11: WOLF BREAKING NEWS: USA is in a Double Dip RECESSION! You just haven't been told this yet because panic would intensify #justsayin #troof
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