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  • Mon, 21:16: Hong Kong -7%, Australia -5% . DOW futures less than 500 points from going BELOW 10,000. S&P in danger of falling below 1,000 #panic #nyse
  • Mon, 21:21: Korea just fell below 9%, gold rising, S&P futures just fell 3% - don't think people realizes how dangerous this is for entire world economy
  • Mon, 21:43: Larry Kudlow, eternal optimist & Bull looks worried. Calls Obama fund raising speech tonight "an unmitigated disaster" #cnbc market #panic
  • Tue, 07:06: Been much cooler than DFW, including the cards! Oh well, that's poker (@ McCarran International Airport (LAS))
  • Tue, 07:13: US stocks to open higher. Keep on eye on Bank of America, down 70% for year. Not a good situation. #banks #selloff #obamanation
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