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  • Thu, 00:03: RT @GeneTaylorUSA: We CAN'T AFFORD for Govt to create more jobs. They cost us $278,000 EACH. #tcot #tlot #tpp #gop #patriot #p2 #ampat ...
  • Thu, 00:07: Missing 2 things about #Vegas, no humidity & pacific time zone! If Bend,Redmond, Sisters Oregon maintains its #tcot US rep, I'm moving :)
  • Thu, 00:30: Methinks that Texas thinks it can pull off being Independent if Notre Dame can. I'm not so sure but Big 12 (10) is kinda lame now #Hookem
  • Thu, 00:34: Notre Dame joined Big East for scheduling all sports but football. Big XII now Little 10, should have invited #TCU & bribed back Arkansas
  • Thu, 00:41: “@Bend_Weather: BD: Fair and 64 F at Redmond (awos), OR Winds are North at 8.1 MPH” I want to move to Sisters now!
  • Thu, 01:02: Frogs (not #tcu ones) are adamant that a downgrade of their bonds ain't happening. And the retirement age in France is like 58. Go figure?
  • Thu, 01:05: RT @derekahunter: Maybe Obama's plan to tackle the deficit is to join the #PGA Tour? That could explain his Golf Uber Alles policy. #p2 ...
  • Thu, 01:19: AmBev (ABV) rpts quarterly earnings later today. I bought 200 shares before close on Wed. 5% dividend paying stock but still a #NYSE gamble!
  • Thu, 01:21: “@rangersfeedr: Tx Rangers: Holland struggles to grow mustache #rangers” he needs to shave dat mofo & field his position
  • Thu, 01:55: Europe & US stocks headed for higher opening. Will never hear me complain about Obama vacations. More he takes off, less he says the better
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