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  • Wed, 12:20: Ok kids,3 day games on MLB Extra Innings. Suicide 3 team parlay: #redsox #cubs #athletics & Under 8.5 Baltimore/Oakland. Under 8 astros/cubs
  • Wed, 12:23: On a 0-3 losing streak at Lazy Boy Casino Sports Book (operated by Mrs Wolf) odds are I'll be 0-6 by sundown. Bet the opposite #justsayin
  • Wed, 12:50: @sportsrage 'splain to me what soccer betting line Zagreb +1.42 vs Maimo +7.5 means. ANYONE? Don't understand that kind of betting line
  • Wed, 22:00: Have lost 8 Lazy Boy Casino (family) bets in a row. Methinks I go 10 in a row with LAA -1.5 run line & #Rangers #Angels run total UNDER 7.5
  • Wed, 22:10: Do U realize how difficult it is 2 make 8 straight winning or losing sports bets vs line? 10 straight puts me in lottery odds neighborhood
  • Wed, 22:14: OK, I exaggerated. True odds of winning or losing 10 sports wagers in a row vs the betting line are 1,023 to 1 against it happening!
  • Wed, 22:44: Making 10 sports wagers a day 4 infinity vs pro odds maker betting line results n 10/10 won or lost in a day at approx 1 time every 3 years
  • Wed, 22:54: #Angels win by less than 2 or lose I've lost 9 n a row. If 8 or more total runs are scored, I've beat 1023 to 1 odds against 10/10 #Rangers
  • Wed, 22:57: Unfortunately for me but fortunately 4 Mrs Wolf, best I can win is 2/10, & worst is using my 1 day in 3 years to LOSE rather than win 10/10
  • Wed, 23:00: RT @TexDolly: No,my biggest thrill had nothing to do with poker. It was when my college beat University of Arizona to be the Border Conf ...
  • Wed, 23:01: RT @TexDolly: I hope someone asks Gov Perry where he stands on gambling. I can't support him if what I hear is true! Poker players might ...
  • Wed, 23:15: @TexDolly has reportedly seen 3 people die at a poker table. I've witnessed one, he died peacefully in the middle of a hand at age 85
  • Wed, 23:23: “@Amy_Brock: Anthony Bourdain calls Paula Deen ‘the worst, most dangerous person to America’ " not even close, Obama is
  • Wed, 23:30: U might be a #p2 liberal fascist if U think Paula Dean is "the worst most dangerous person to America" -Anthony Bourdain in TV Guide #tcot
  • Wed, 23:35: Still alive to go 10/10 sports betting line loses in a row. Need 2 more runs + #Angels loss or win by less than 2 vs Rangers. 1023 to 1 odds
  • Wed, 23:43: Mr Wolf is 1/2 run away from 10/10 infamy #Angels #Rangers has to go over 7.5 total runs scored ( that would be 8 for U non sports bettors)
  • Wed, 23:55: WOW. I can't win for losing! Looks like 9/10 loses in a row unless #angels tie or walk off vs #rangers I want that 1/1023 !
  • Wed, 23:56: Oh wait, Feliz pitching! Blown save here at least 50/50 #rangers
  • Wed, 23:57: RT @jesusA_jimenez: Now, if I were Wash, I would take out Neffie right now. But we all know that won't happen until he actually blows th ...
  • Thu, 00:02: Mr Wolf loses 9 baseball bets in a row to Mrs Wolf! 1 game winning streak started by beating the total by 1/2 run, thx to Young & Napoli :)
  • Thu, 00:03: “@lizbuddie: What's-his-name is a pretty decent sideline reporter. #Rangers” John Radigan???
  • Thu, 00:09: Not for nothing but I'm taking #Angels tomorrow, no matter what the line is, AND I will gladly lose for #Rangers sweep! Get out da #broom
  • Thu, 00:34: I kid U not. Just went to Numbers spread sheet to settle up with Mrs. I enter all bets in writing at Lazy Boy Casino. I had OVER 7.5 #troof
  • Thu, 00:40: I just loss 10/10 sports bets vs line & would have bet my life I had #Angels #Rangers UNDER not OVER. Entered early this am #oldtimers
  • Thu, 00:44: If someone ever says odds are over 1,000 to 1 against U, I'm proof you can not only beat those odds, you may not even know it when U do!
  • Thu, 00:49: Just don't so U Baptists don't think I'm a total degenerate gambler, ledger went from +$130 to -$20 10/10 losses in a row. I'm DUE! #Angels
  • Thu, 00:53: OK, I'm 10/7 @ my 42. And no I don't drink. I tweet like I gamble. Poorly. Not even gonna fix those tweets. Let's blame them on auto-spell
  • Thu, 01:03: 1 more: Live life for what tomorrow has to offer, not for what yesterday has taken away. Expect the unexpected & you'll always be prepared.
  • Thu, 01:24: #Rangers have never swept a 4 game series at #Angels Stadium in Anaheim #MLB
  • Thu, 08:09: Just 17 away from most (69) days at or above 100 for year. We tie 3rd all time today. Will likely break record for 2nd at 57 next Wed #dfw
  • Thu, 08:10: RT @derekdob: Gold shooting higher today. Up $24.30 oz to $1815.50. Crude oil down $2.50/brl to $85.10. US dollar a bit stronger today. ...
  • Thu, 08:12: CNBC BREAKING 9:03AM US Markets Indicating Sharp Sell off at Open
  • Thu, 08:26: U can smell the fear on CNBC. Could be a HUGE sell off. Euro bank fears, US unemployment rising, food prices up almost 7% year to this year!
  • Thu, 08:43: 99% of S&P trading lower. Down over 3% in less than 10 minutes of opening. All 30 DOW stocks down. 10 year Treasury falling below 2%?
  • Thu, 08:46: Obama busy freezing Syrian assets in US banks. Don't think that $ will slow down daily record federal deficits or save Europe from collapse
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