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  • Mon, 13:05: Dallas PD looking for kidnapping suspect. Say, Nassin Mohammed abducted boys, ages 3 and 5.
  • Mon, 13:07: ABDUCTION: Dallas Police says two children found and getting CPR. Chasing armed kidnapping suspect on foot #dfw
  • Mon, 13:11: WFAA reporting suspect told mother that he drowned children. Children found, transported 2 hospital.Condition unknown. Suspect at large #dfw
  • Mon, 13:16: Man hunt taking place in south central Dallas, searching for Black Male Naim Mohammed who kidnapped & says he drowned his children #dfw
  • Mon, 13:35: Kidnapping suspect, Naim Mohammed,suspected of drowning his children ages 3 & 5 has been arrested by Dallas PD after manhunt n south Dallas
  • Mon, 13:45: DOW & S&P up slightly but off highs of day. Obama sickens me. If U voted 4 him, U should be embarrassed & ashamed. #disgusting #p2 #fail
  • Mon, 13:51: kidnapper, murderer Naim Rasool Mohammed arrested 4 drowning his 3&5 year old children, after kidnap
  • Mon, 14:24: RT@wfaachannel8: Kidnapping suspect caught, accused of drowning children #dfw. #dallas
  • Mon, 17:40: USA spent almost a Billion $ to support rebels. Chaos will reign 4 years in Libya. If Obama knows anything, it's how 2 spend $ US don't have
  • Mon, 19:37: RT @GulfDogs: 55% favor repeal of #ObamaCARE only 38% oppose★ #tcot #teaparty #liberty #gop #ocra #p2 #tlot #politics
  • Mon, 19:48: RT @Kindy88: “@joebrooks: Report: Qaddafi’s son Saif not captured v/ @trscoop #tcot
  • Mon, 19:53: gets more #p2 bot attacks lately than spam! The liberal fascist progressive machine is alive & well AND damn scared of #tcot #teaparty
  • Mon, 19:54: RT @AP: Gadhafi's son reportedly arrested by Libya's rebels appears at Tripoli hotel, not in custody. -RAS #libya
  • Mon, 19:55: “@HitYourMarks: This umpire is horrible! #Rangers Napoli hit by pitch, called foul.” MLB umpires are as bad this year as I've ever seen!
  • Mon, 20:19: Elvis Andrus is starting to hurt Texas #rangers as much as he helps. Got a lot of "growing up" 2 do. Seriously, baseball maturity in reverse
  • Mon, 20:21: “@jbclark9: One word for the way Elvis Andrus has played defense and ran bases in 2011: STUPID.” cost a run there for sure. HORRIBLE
  • Mon, 20:39: RT @jbclark9: One word for the way Elvis Andrus has played defense and ran bases in 2011: STUPID.
  • Mon, 20:43: Please tell me that I didn't just hear TAG not only talking about cookies but ' "John Rhadigan's favorite (phucking) cookie?? #Rangers
  • Mon, 20:49: Now you know why It's best to remove hearing aids BEFORE tuning in #rangers: TAG Cookie talk & home team excuses mixed with weak analysis
  • Mon, 20:51: “@TexanTweets: @SmilingKIJ He's no hack. TAG is one of the best out there #redsox v #rangers” Please sir, put down that crack pipe.
  • Mon, 21:13: I wish TAG would cry about #Rangers poor base running, errors and horrible MLB umpire calls as much as he does slow ass pitching by #redsox
  • Mon, 21:18: TAG has never been happier to see 3 run #Rangers HR. LMAO. Barnett says rangers "break it open". #redsox best offense in baseball #premature
  • Mon, 21:22: Barnett "disremembers" #rangers leading Oakland #athletics 6-0 in 6th just over week ago, barely holding on to win 7-6, blowing da runline
  • Mon, 21:34: RT @WSJopinion: My Response To Buffett And Obama: Before you ask for more tax money from me, raise the $2.2 trillion you alr... http://t ...
  • Mon, 21:44: Best response EVER 2 Buffett/Obama call 4 raising taxes on "wealthy" Read it, print it, NEVER forget it #teaparty #tcot
  • Mon, 23:54: POTUS elections are like MLB season. Every team (except #Astros) will win 60, lose 60, it's 42 other games that determine fate. 37%-26%-37%
  • Mon, 23:58: 27% of votes are up 4 grabs in 2012 national elections. 37% vote left, 37% vote right & 27% in middle will determine our fate #justsayin
  • Tue, 00:09: MSNBC celebrating victory in Libya after 6 months as Obama genius & leadership yet Marxist POTUS still not got US out of Iraq & Afghanistan?
  • Tue, 00:16: #MSNBC, ur shit is so weak. Less than 1% of those 27% who determine 2012 election give a flying phuck abt Libya & oppose nation building!
  • Tue, 00:20: Agree w Fat Ed #MSNBC. Divide in America goes beyond our borders. World economy is on verge of collapse due 2 #p2 Obama Euro style socialism
  • Tue, 00:22: RT @DFWscanner: FIRE via Ellis County Informer - "STRUCTURE FIRE- SCARBOROUGH FAIRE- Waxahachie on scene of a structure fire at... http: ...
  • Tue, 00:22: RT @DFWscanner: UPDATE - David Reimer on scene at the Scarborough Fair fire advising 7 buildings consumed at this time.
  • Tue, 00:33: don't pay FICA SS tax,don't qualify,will never qualify 4 social security But if U do or will, ur nuts 2 support payroll tax cut extension
  • Tue, 00:41: RT @AnnCoulter: Obama picked up a few books on Martha’s Vineyard -- all fiction. He must be doing research for his big September jobs plan.
  • Tue, 00:48: MSNBC talking abt Huntsman as GOP contender.I've got better chance of winning nomination,Perry appears to be #p2 worst nightmare #justsayin
  • Tue, 00:50: I agree with Donald Trump on this one, don't give a flying phuck about what happened in Libya. Rearranging deck chairs on Titanic situation
  • Tue, 01:06: “@AlieGirl7: RT @PatDollard: The best way to avoid conflict with your neighbors is to scar… (cont)” WORKS 4 ME
  • Tue, 01:11: RT @TNJim: Finally! A Democrat speaks the truth! Frank Lautenberg says, “We got to eliminate the rich.” #UnifiedPatr ...
  • Tue, 01:22: I'm 10/7 at my 42. Good night. Stay cool 90 degrees at 1:21am in #DFW south burbs! Mowing duties in the am. Wish I had the balls 2 do it now
  • Tue, 01:29: “@bucketreviews: @jfrazier57 As soon as Palin gets in, Bachmann is irrelevant.” SCARY THOUGHT. MICHELLE AT LEAST TWICE AS SMART AS SARAH
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