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  • Sat, 12:58: Cold front arrives tomorrow dropping highs in 80's, lows 60's, 10% rain chance, & winding up the north winds! Elevated fire danger #dfw
  • Sat, 14:11: Today is the 68th day this year at or above 100 degrees. That's 2nd place record. #1 is 69 days in 1980. Won't hit it tomorrow but may later
  • Sat, 17:03: Gary Darling's postage stamp strike zone is a disgrace & Joe Torre is gutless 4 not taking control of the MLB umpire pukes #rangers #redsox
  • Sat, 17:06: FOX Sports is gutless for not showing that all these pitches that puke Gary Darling calls balls are in fact strikes #rangers #redsox
  • Sat, 17:10: This is on MLB umpire in chief Gary Darling with his tiny, tiny strike zone. Assist to #rangers worst reliever Tateyama & mediocre Mgr Wash
  • Sat, 17:15: “@Liberal510Fan: It's only the first inning, but it looks like home plate umpire Gary Darling isn't calling strikes" that's every game w him
  • Sat, 18:18: Oregon Ducks vs LSU Tigers 12 miles north but I got the best seat in da house HDTV (@ Awesometown)
  • Sat, 18:27: I just unlocked the "Super Swarm" badge on @foursquare!
  • Sat, 18:27: I'm at Cowboys Stadium w/ @brytupper
  • Sun, 08:48: I'm at Our Place Restaurant (915 W Debbie Lane, Mansfield)
  • Sun, 09:32: first tweet from my new 27 inch iMac
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