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  • Mon, 14:54: I'm at Our Place Restaurant (915 W Debbie Lane, Mansfield)
  • Mon, 15:53: Down & Out at the In-N-Out in Arlington, Texas
  • Mon, 17:19: Can't remember more beautiful day 4 #dfw Outside all day. Today it's cooler less humid than my future home, Bend OR. Bird feeder madness 2
  • Mon, 17:21: RT @kesgardner: ICYMI RT @keder Union bosses are some of the most despicable people in America. RT to keep this thought in #p2 all day. ...
  • Mon, 17:31: RT @MarkHaggett: "@FoxNews: Jimmy Hoffa has a plan for dealing with Tea Party opponents: 'Take these son-of-a-bitches out' ...
  • Mon, 17:35: RT @ROCnewsletter: Hoffa Jr. Inciting Violence @ Obama Event? (from @Tradamericans) Is this a 'crisis plan" for impo ...
  • Mon, 17:47: Feeding dozen juvenile cardinals + 2 blue jays with an assortment of adult birds. Mature Blue Jays fancy whole peanuts from squirrel feeder
  • Mon, 17:51: Got a baby birth bath 4 the little ones 2 drink. Neighbor has been supplying adults with h2o but buying 1 from Wally's tomorrow 4 adult h2o
  • Mon, 17:55: 3 hummingbird feeders 4 tiny ones 2 double size be-4 flight back south (flying across Gulf of Mexico) north US & CAN hummers will stop by 2
  • Mon, 17:57: Wolf feed (not bird feed)
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