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CNBC's Francis and Haines Call Senate Bailout Bill Tax Add-Ons 'Crap' |

Melissa Francis and Mark Haines were actually talking about the first bailout back in October,  not the second nor the third nor fourth...  Melissa Francis and Mark Haines are the BEST.  These two tell it like it is and you can see them bristle when socialists appear on CNBC.  Francis was born in LA and was actually a child actor. She graduated from Harvard.  But don't mistake her for a liberal socialist (Democrat). Melissa is a brilliant conservative who stands up for capitalism.  You won't find anyone on TV who sounds and looks better on the air than Melissa Francis!  Mark Haines is a no BS lawyer who has been on CNBC for twenty years. Today when Haines was interviewing a guy who started an ETF connected to companies that accept Tarp money , Haines asked him if his fund, "tracked a bunch of losers?"

By the way, Steve Leisman, senior economics reporter for CNBC, makes me sick!  Think communist, socialist, Obama apologist and you know everything you need to know about Leisman. 

CNBC's Francis and Haines Call Senate Bailout Bill Tax Add-Ons 'Crap' |


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