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Strange- No "Rangers" in Texas MLB team

                                                                What's wrong with this picture? 

The Texas Rangers will wear alternate red jerseys and red caps on Opening Day, as well as each Saturday night game this season and during a promotional red-out weekend. 

Team president Nolan Ryan said the return of red to the Rangers’ uniform lineup came after considering input from fans. The Rangers had red as a dominant color during their division-championship run in the late 1990s, but they haven’t worn red jerseys since the Doug Rader era.

Rader, the manager in 1984, said the red road jersey made him look like a “giant blood clot.” Ryan, though, anticipates that fans will enjoy the new uniforms, which now all read “Texas” across the front instead of “Rangers.”

“We are very pleased with the new look that our 2009 uniforms will provide,” Ryan said. “We will have some great alternatives with blue and red jerseys to go with our more traditional home white and road gray tops.”

Peachy. But none, as in zero of the six uniforms feature the team name, RANGERS across the front?  Baseball teams traditionally wear uniforms at home that feature the team nickname, and "road" uniforms feature the name of the city (or state) of the team, on the front of the jerseys.

Other uniform changes, include

  • New trim and piping on the jerseys and pants legs.
  • Players will wear black belts and shoes instead of royal blue ones.
  • The batting helmet has a metallic finish, and is blue in front and red in back.

Okey dokey. But the team still sucks and TOM HICKS is the worst team owner in both baseball AND hockey. 




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