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Dish Network goes 10/7

Most people are not up at 3am but Dish Network sends updates, primarily the program guide to your receiver every morning about this time. If you are watching closely you can prevent this from happening and continue to watch the hoops uninterrupted. But if you happen to be goofing off and miss the warning, your TV will be out of commission for twenty minutes or so. We join the Idaho State at Hawaii game in progress.  The chances that this game would be broadcast in HD were slim and none.  The Rainbow Warriors no longer display rainbow colors, instead settling on green and white with black trim as their official colors. Jeff Gordon is now the sole Rainbow Warrior.
IN                           OUT

Of course this looks like it will be the best game so far. It's 3:30am Tuesday at the Casa de Bonzer, 11:37pm Monday in Hawaii. The outcome at Memphis and at St. Marys was never in doubt. This one is close and has been through the first half. 
- Roderick Flemings scored 17 points and Bill Amis had 13 to lead Hawaii to a 67-64 overtime win over Idaho State in a game that ended early Tuesday morning.
Hawaii 67-Idaho State 64

Night night.


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