The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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  • Wed, 08:18: RT @Heritage: This Happened: Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to Democratic Socialists of America Chair
  • Wed, 08:18: RT @Jeremycrow4life: Freedom from what exactly? Sanity? Obama never ceases to amaze me with his blatant marxism. #t ...
  • Wed, 08:27: A friendly reminder from Cracker Barrel "Lock your vehicle and remove your valuables" A friendly reminder from Bonzer Wolf "Pack Heat" #CCW
  • Wed, 08:33: Cracker Barrel needs to hire a $10 an hour security guard & lose the signs! Instead they're telling customers, "its not safe to park here"
  • Wed, 11:36: You are either a gun owner or a gun grabber. Choose freedom or the statism of the liberal fascist obamanation


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