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  • Mon, 15:53: Jury finds Roger Clemens not guilty on all six counts in Congressional perjury trial. What a surprise! NOT! More waste of tax dollars
  • Mon, 15:55: RT @michellemalkin: MT @marychastain: I wish Congress cared about Holder lying to them as much as they do Roger Clemens lying to them. # ...
  • Mon, 15:56: RT @andreakaye5: Heading in to Pet Kingdom to get bird eating spider 4 2morrow's show. Becker's gonna scream like a girl
  • Mon, 16:04: Rusty Hardin is such a slime ball. He wants us to believe that Clemens never used HGH or Steroids ROTFLMAO
  • Mon, 16:06: Rusty Hardin's rug is about the worst one I've ever seen and there are thousands to choose from #justsayin
  • Mon, 16:07: “@bkajubi: What a waste of our money...RT @TIME: Jury acquits Roger Clemens of all six perjury charges" AGREE, we KNOW he was on the juice!
  • Mon, 16:09: Roger Clemens breaks down during press statement thinking about how much he had to pay his lawyers to get his lying ass off #juiced
  • Mon, 16:10: RT @cossa68: DOJ wasted taxpayer money to prosecute Roger Clemens, yet Eric Holder is a free man for committing same offense, sick and t ...
  • Mon, 16:10: RT @ZNeedlesTLI: Roger Clemens found not guilty. Jury decided eternally being associated with the bum Yankees was punishment enough.
  • Mon, 16:11: “@RoverGuyAnthony: Roger Clemens found NOT GUILTY in perjury case, I knew he was innocent" Yeah, no way he used HGH or steroids ROTFLMAO
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