The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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  • Sat, 22:28: All You Need to Know About Gun Safety in 4 Sentences
  • Sat, 23:10: ATF Operation Fast and Furious encouraged dealers to sell 50 caliber assault weapons & export them into Mexico, without an export license
  • Sat, 23:19: Fast and Furious has been trending all week. Full coverage can be found at Bonzer Wolf Today
  • Sun, 00:32: NBC is out of touch with America. USA rejects liberal fascism. Andrea Mitchell uses editing to block truth for shameless Obama propaganda
  • Sun, 08:29: RT @CamEdwards: When you hear someone say #FastAndFurious started under Bush, show 'em this clip of Holder admitting it didn't. http:// ...


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