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  • Sun, 16:21: RT @Kevinbsnyder: In 2008 Supreme Court upheld an individual's right to own a firearm. SO your "militia" point is wrong RT @IJasonAlexander
  • Sun, 16:32: GUN FREE ZONES kill. See city of Chicago and movie theater in Aurora for details. Carry concealed handgun & tactical flashlight at all times
  • Sun, 16:36: One trained person legally armed with a tactical flashlight & a gun would have saved lives in Aurora. Not just LEO can save lives #CCW #CHL
  • Sun, 16:38: Invest time & money in tactical training. It's the best insurance you can have on your life and your loved ones. Chose life! #CHL #CCW
  • Sun, 16:56: You have every right to be unarmed & helpless. Fortunately responsible citizens have right to be armed & trained to save helpless lives n US
  • Sun, 17:04: No law can legislate evil out of society. The more legally armed & trained citizens we have in USA, the safer YOU gun haters will be #CCW
  • Sun, 17:08: The gun control laws Bloomberg & gun grabbers call for in USA are already legislation in Mexico. How is that working out? Wake up America!
  • Sun, 19:22: RT @lheal: I like @TedCruz so much I drove 800 miles to volunteer for his #TXSen campaign. Think about that for a second, Texas.
  • Sun, 19:22: RT @StaceinTexas: Listen as to why Dewhurst's #txsen peers said he was "Worst Legislator" in 7/11 #teaparty @david ...
  • Sun, 19:23: RT @GreeneBri: And Obama so loved the poor, he created millions more! #conservativebumperstickers
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