The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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  • Sun, 12:50: RT @lheal: Giving away your money makes me better than you. #LiberalTShirts
  • Sun, 12:51: RT @BradThor: Interesting how citizens are demonized for acting in their own self-interest while our bloated, out-of-control government ...
  • Sun, 14:24: Rally killer Michael Young with his usual weak ass ground out to SS. I'm so not a fan of Young playing every day #Rangers
  • Sun, 14:32: “@LOLGOP: are we going to get actual human beings arguing that people inside Sikh temple should have been armed?” of course they should
  • Sun, 15:49: Wis. Police: 1 Suspect 'Put Down' at Sikh Temple via @youtube
  • Sun, 15:57: Horrible decision by Wash. No outs with a runner on third base and he calls a suicide squeeze. Just horrible! #Rangers
  • Sun, 16:00: RT @DannyParkins: The Rangers failed on a suicide squeeze, tied with no outs & the top of the order up in the 9th. In other news, Ne ...
  • Sun, 16:00: RT @tmcfar: That squeeze play with ZERO outs and top of the order coming up was THE dumbest play I have ever witnessed the Rangers do, i ...
  • Sun, 16:00: RT @jblasterii: Squeeze was a dumbass call by Rangers
  • Sun, 16:39: Ron Washington needs to fine himself for that loss. #Rangers


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