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  • Wed, 20:30: RT @toddstarnes: Obama needs to instruct his followers that it is inappropriate to scream "we love you" when people are dead in Libya.
  • Wed, 21:26: Obama Campaigns in Las Vegas While Terrorists Attack
  • Wed, 23:50: RT @OBAMA_CZAR: Obama apologizes to savage Muslims for our freedoms!
  • Wed, 23:50: RT @billhobbs: Did anyone notice that Obama said, in Vegas, "we" had a tough day. No, Obama. You had a plane flight. Our people in Libya ...
  • Wed, 23:51: RT @Scrufey21: Krauthammer Slams Embassy Statement In Egypt
  • Wed, 23:51: RT @iowahawkblog: Any US State Dept employee who condemns or apologizes for Americans exercising their freedom of speech needs to be fir ...
  • Thu, 08:21: Income of typical US family has fallen to levels last seen in 1995 yet #p2 zealots & guilt ridden morons will vote for Obama #justsayin
  • Thu, 08:23: RT @wiskey1249: Liz Cheney: 'Logical Outcome of Three-and-a-Half Years of Obama Foreign Policy': Former State Department officia... http ...
  • Thu, 08:24: RT @EdBaker3000: If you are shocked that Obama's speech regarding the embassy killings was so flat, you must see the "2016" movie. Then ...
  • Thu, 08:30: Median family income has fallen to 1995 levels per Obama's own US Census Bureau #p2 #Obamanation WAKE UP AMERICA
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