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Homeland Security USA airs on ABC TV
The department saw Homeland Security USA "as a great opportunity to help the American public understand what their government does and what the Department of Homeland Security, the youngest department, does," said DHS spokesman Ed Fox.

Bonzer sees the show as the best evidence that Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) has 6,000 special agents with little mission or direction. (ICE Office of Detention & Removal Operations has a mission) ICE Office of Investigations has been castrated by the Department of Homeland Security.  Remove ICE/OI raids on meat packing plants & arrest and laborers abuse of social security cards and ICE is without a mission or purpose. 

Customs Air Branch, Federal Air Marshal Service, CBP Internal Affairs & 90% of the duties of the former Customs Office of Investigation have been stripped from ICE/OI by DHS.  It is very evident on the TV show,  HOMELAND SECURITY USA that Customs & Border Protection "Officers" have taken over the criminal investigative duties of the legacy Customs Office of Investigations, now ICE.  CBP "Inspectors" became "Officers" and were placed under the federal law enforcement retirement system (6c) in 2008.

It is very evident in the TV show, HOMELAND SECURITY USA, that CBP officers now conduct criminal investigations and make arrests previously performed by Customs and later ICE special agents.  ICE,  has been eliminated from CBP operations.  DHS approved the content of the show for broadcast. 

Under the legacy Customs Service, CBP Officers, were classified as "Inspectors".  Special Agents were trained as criminal investigators and conducted all the criminal investigations at the legacy Treasury agency.  Inspectors were not trained to nor did they conduct criminal investigations, including the  interviewing suspects detained for suspected  violations of  criminal law, including smuggling and money laundering.     

Under DHS,  CBP Officers receive the same training that legacy Immigration and Customs Inspectors received at The Federal Law Enforcment Training Center (FLETC) in Georgia.   In other words, CBP officers are not trained to conduct criminal investigations. CBP decided to  follow the lead of NIKE and "JUST DO IT".  At least The Department of Homeland Security is showing the public how the youngest and most dysfuntional department of the federal government performs its irrational division of responsibilities.

In other words, the American public now knows what employees of  DHS already know.                                                                DHS is one mucked up puppy!                            


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Don't think they don't think!

As far as I'm aware CBP still doens not present cases to the US Attorney for prosecution. I guess that's coming. However allowing non trained CBP officers conduct investigations can only screw things up for eventually presenting cases to prosecutors. Hopefully CBP will bring on ex Customs Agents to handle prosecutions as this goes forward. CBP should have it's Office of Investigations that would mirror what former Customs Agents did. Leave the jobs of picking up illegals to ICE.

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