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  • Sun, 15:23: Texas Rangers downward spiral continues. See Ron Washington for details. Angels win first of two in Arlington. Nathan blows save
  • Sun, 15:40: RT @Thanx4AllDaFish: I think the thing that is ultimately frustrating for me as a #Rangers fan, is that they seem to lack that killer dr ...
  • Sun, 15:41: RT @MattPTurner: #Rangers must win tonight to get magic number down by 1 before they face the A's. Otherwise, I'm not confident they wil ...
  • Sun, 15:41: RT @geoffreyturner: So, now the most important game of the year for the #Rangers comes down to Derek Holland. I don't love that. Tonight ...
  • Sun, 15:42: RT @espn_durrett: The loss also means #Rangers can't clinch AL West today. They'll have to try to do that in Oakland.
  • Sun, 15:42: RT @espn_durrett: The walk to Chris Iannetta really hurt #Rangers Joe Nathan. He was up 0-2 in the count before walking him, too.
  • Sun, 15:44: Attention Rangers fans: Oakland A's up 2-0 early
  • Sun, 15:46: Attention Rangers fans: if you're up for watching another choke in progress #RyderCup is tied 11/11
  • Sun, 16:31: RT @adamcandee: The word 'epic' is grossly overused. However, the collapse being attempted by the US Ryder Cup team certainly would be epic.
  • Sun, 16:32: #RyderCup2012 Europe in the lead 13-12, their first lead of the entire event
  • Sun, 16:34: “@cscrawf86: False hope monster done with Arkansas football, has decided to move on to the US Ryder Cup team.” See Texas Rangers 4 details
  • Sun, 16:36: “@markaustinitv: Would love to be hearing American network commentary now ! #rydercup” think funeral
  • Sun, 16:37: RT @TimBrando: The Ryder Cup exposes the impact of pressure like no other Sporting Event. What happened to Jim Furyk and the questions i ...
  • Sun, 16:44: USA must win 2/3 remaining & halve the third match or Europe retains the #RyderCup , in an epic Sunday upset of biblical proportions
  • Sun, 16:44: RT @RobertLusetich: No one in the last 2 games, Stricker, Kaymer, Woods, Molinari won a point yet. Combined 0-9 this week. Now Ryder Cup ...
  • Sun, 16:47: 2 points remain. USA needs 1.5 to win. Europe needs only 1 to retain the #RyderCup Europe has won 9/12 matches in their comeback
  • Sun, 17:13: The greatest final day comeback in #RyderCup history results in Europe retaining the Cup on American soil
  • Sun, 17:14: RT @PaulAzinger: Congratulations Europe! Possibly the greatest comeback in sports history! @rydercup
  • Sun, 17:17: “@piersmorgan: That was the worst putt I've ever seen at the Ryder Cup. The Americans have choked horrendously here. #Stricker” Boycott CNN
  • Sun, 17:27: Any American who watches that fuck @piersmorgan on CNN should be deported just like him. Morgan is a despicable subversive on American soil
  • Sun, 17:41: We knew there were a ton of Cowboys fans in Arizona but Miami Dolphins fans? #gofigure
  • Sun, 18:05: Texas Rangers Fan Alert: Oakland 3 - Seattle 2 bottom of the 8th
  • Sun, 18:14: Angels 1 - Rangers 0 top of 1st
  • Sun, 18:16: LAA Run Scored TOP 1ST - LAA 2 TEX 0 - T Hunter singled to center, A Pujols scored, T Hunter to second advancing on throw.
  • Sun, 18:17: Oakland 5 - Seattle 2 bottom of 8th #Rangers alert
  • Sun, 18:21: LAA Home Run TOP 1ST - LAA 4 TEX 0 - M Trumbo homered to left, T Hunter scored. RANGERS DOWN 4-0 , Angels still batting in 1st
  • Sun, 18:26: Rangers coming to bat in the 1st inning down 4-0 to Angels. Oakland has defeated the Seattle Mariners & are only 1.5 games behind Texas
  • Sun, 18:32: Rangers Run Scored BOT 1ST - LAA 4 TEX 1 - J Hamilton doubled to deep center, E Andrus scored.
  • Sun, 18:46: Rangers Home Run BOT 2ND - LAA 4 TEX 3 - M Napoli homered to left.
  • Sun, 19:15: TEX Rangers Home Run BOT 3RD - TEX 6 LAA 4 - M Napoli homered to left, N Cruz and D Murphy scored.
  • Sun, 19:20: Via @ESPN MLB - END 3RD - TEX 6 LAA 4 - Pitching: LAA J Williams, TEX D Holland
  • Sun, 19:54: Via @ESPN MLB - TEX Run Scored BOT 5TH - TEX 8 LAA 4 - M Napoli doubled to deep center, M Young and D Murphy scored.
  • Sun, 20:37: Via @ESPN MLB - LAA Home Run TOP 7TH - TEX 8 LAA 7 - H Kendrick homered to left center, T Hunter and M Trumbo scored.
  • Sun, 20:39: Holland should not have still be in the game. Ron Washington is the worst manager with the best players in baseball #Rangers
  • Sun, 20:41: “@BanditDeW: Ron Washington is an idiot. Never ceases to amaze” best players, worst manager catching up with the #Rangers
  • Sun, 20:47: #Rangers w/92 wins could still end up OUT of AL playoffs or any seed from first to fifth! Ron Washington is last mgr in MLB U want at helm
  • Sun, 21:15: Joe Nathan...REALLY? Uehara just gave the performance of September. He's fresh and he just struck out the side yet Ron Washington sits him
  • Sun, 21:21: And Gentry, the best defensive outfielder sits on the bench courtesy of Ron Washington. Players win games. Managers lose them #Rangers
  • Sun, 21:25: Rangers secure wild card spot. Up 2 on the AL West with 3 to play in Oakland, a well managed team
  • Sun, 21:27: Texas Rangers Magic Number to win AL West is ONE
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