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  • Mon, 15:17: RT @FOXSoccerTrax: 55: Hammers are all over QPR like ants at a picnic. QPR finally going to the bench.
  • Mon, 15:19: Don't confuse the Queens Park Rangers of #EPL with the Texas Rangers of #MLB, though they both play important Monday Night games #QPR goooal
  • Mon, 15:21: 2 QPR substitutes "booked" in first 2 minutes on Pitch and oh, one scored a goal #EPL #BPL we call it soccer!
  • Mon, 15:39: Diakite booked for a second time and sent off. QPR trying to make the comeback, now playing a man down , behind by a goal #RedCard
  • Mon, 15:41: RT @OptaJoe: 12 - In 12 Premier League appearances, Samba Diakit� has picked up six yellow cards and two reds. Roughhouse.
  • Mon, 15:44: 7 West Ham players in the book...QPR playing a man down with 10 to go in regulation
  • Mon, 18:15: Anthony Spencer OUT for Cowboys vs Bears in Arlington, home of the Wolf
  • Mon, 18:35: #cowboys stadium THE ROOF IS OPEN
  • Mon, 20:41: “@AndrewSiciliano: Dez Bryant will now likely be a post-game topic of discussion Total Access @NFLNetwork” Bryant is a moron & a liability
  • Mon, 21:06: Ron Washington starting Perez tonight is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he's either on drugs or a moron manager #Rangers have lost 4/6
  • Mon, 21:19: Hook, hook, hook...get that mofo Perez out of there now! #Rangers
  • Mon, 21:24: 3/4 first batter reach base, Perez bailed out by double play but still on the ropes with horrible stuff #Rangers
  • Mon, 21:34: And the Cowboys are getting their asses kicked too #Rangers
  • Mon, 21:51: 25% of the crowd at Cowboys Stadium are obnoxious transplants who moved from corrupt city of tyranny to free state of Texas #gofigure
  • Mon, 22:39: Cowboys are an 8/8 team at best. Get used to it
  • Mon, 22:42: NFL - FINAL - CHI 34 DAL 18 - T Romo (DAL) 31 of 43, 307yds, 1TD, 5INT Read it and weep. Cowboys need a real GM & an experienced head coach
  • Mon, 22:43: RT @MotivateAthlete: Retweet this if you intercepted a Tony Romo pass tonight.
  • Mon, 22:43: RT @EvilMikeTomlin: Kyle Orton is in the game, but somehow Tony Romo just threw another interception
  • Mon, 22:44: RT @nfl: Tony Romo throws 5th INT. (not a typo) #CHIvsDAL
  • Mon, 23:16: RT @USA_Sunrise: Even the least-watched cable news outlet, CNN, is saying the White House 'Chose To Leave Out Key Intelligence From Beng ...
  • Mon, 23:19: can't believe peeps can't see that GM Jerry Jones is Cowboys biggest problem. See Obama voters for details #morons
  • Mon, 23:28: Rangers Home Run TOP 7TH - OAK 4 TEX 3 - M Napoli homered to left center.
  • Mon, 23:30: GM Jerry Jones tells each player to keep his head up, it's a long season. Everything going to be ok. See 1 playoff win in 15 yrs 4 details
  • Mon, 23:43: The House that Jerry built took away Cowboys home field advantage. opponents 25-4 against the spread in Jerry World. 2 many opposing fans
  • Tue, 00:12: A's have clinched at least a wild card spot in playoffs. I like their chances to win AL West. Rangers are in a downward spiral.
  • Tue, 00:19: Texas Rangers: this is what happens over time to a very talented team with a "players" manager/cheerleader who struggles w onfield managing
  • Tue, 08:33: RT @bowhuntingohio: NSSF Report Helps Firearms Retailers Assess Their Financial Health: A new report issued by the National Shooting... ...
  • Tue, 08:35: RT @EmilyMiller: Yep, my gun looks so cool, I keep it on my coffee table. RT @hoffmang: The reason @EmilyMiller bought a Sig? "The Glock ...
  • Tue, 09:48: "Military Style" weapons & "Assault Weapons" are misnomers created by the PC Police to fool America into converting to liberal fascism
  • Tue, 09:53: Stay calm and carry on America. We will not lose if we stay together. We have but one enemy to overcome. The LEFT is not RIGHT!


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