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  • Tue, 13:19: RT @JonHeymanCBS: theres a lot of self-evaluation going on in texas after shocking 1-9 finish. but ron washington will be back. #wash
  • Tue, 13:19: RT @jazayerli: Episode 55 of TBS w Rany & Joe reviews all 4 Division Series, & we can't resist making fun of Ron Washington some ...
  • Tue, 13:19: RT @ESPNDallas: LIVE on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM: #Rangers wrap with Nolan Ryan, Jon Daniels and Ron Washington. Listen here: ...
  • Tue, 13:22: “@emmaspan: Hard to think of manager I like as much personally & disagree with as much tactically as Ron Washington.” back in 2013 for sure!
  • Tue, 13:25: Ron Washington is part of the problem not the solution for Txas #Rangers Live press conference confirms Wash is back in 2013. Coaches may go
  • Tue, 13:27: Ron Washington reminding us of pitching injuries that hurt team. We won 93 ball games! That's not the problem. It's the 10/14 U blew at end
  • Tue, 13:30: Can't take Rangers seriously about fixing the problems that resulted in record collapse since they have already decided to bring Wash back.
  • Tue, 13:36: I'm sorry but if you have ears & reasonable intelligence, the only rational conclusion after listening to #Rangers Ron Washington -> MORON
  • Tue, 13:44: Derek Holland on local radio today personifies problem with Rangers. Holland already over epic collapse. Has put it behind, time for fun!
  • Tue, 13:46: Rangers end of season Press Conference summed up best by Sonny Carolla, "that's a waste of my time!" @adamcarolla
  • Tue, 13:47: “@JeffWilson_FWST: Ron Washington: "We trust in Ian."” And Rangers front office trusts in Wash. SNAFU
  • Tue, 13:49: “@patjburns: Ron Washington scolded poor Japanese media member who could barely speak English. So uncomfortable.” Ebonics his 1st language
  • Tue, 14:04: RT @coopmavs: Mavs fans, I think your voices were heard. You can watch the Mavs-FC Barcelona Regal live at 2 PM on NBATV. Replayed on TX ...
  • Tue, 16:51: Ron Washington needs to offer a mea culpa for letting Michael Young come to the plate 651 times instead of not resting players #Rangers
  • Tue, 16:55: The "swing" states are Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin
  • Tue, 17:07: What is Wrong with These People TREE UPDATE. Check out the front yard photo. Tall Tree Phobia FREE!
  • Tue, 17:09: Easy for Rangers manager Ron Washington to fall on his sword & take lame blame when he's been told he's back for another season #JustSaying
  • Tue, 20:28: All Hell Breaks Loose at City of Brotherly Love Wedding Reception
  • Tue, 20:40: GM will have more influence on hard headed Wash in 2013. Look for Andrus to lead off, Kinsler to drop down in lineup & try his rag arm in OF
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