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  • Sun, 18:40: JAGS vs the Men in Black OT #NFL #Raiders #Jags
  • Sun, 18:42: Pats 29 - JETS 26 in OT. But NY gets ball back & must score or go home very depressed
  • Sun, 18:44: RT @PatriotsProShop: That knit hat you see Tom Brady wearing on the sideline? Yeah, we got that! sissy wear #justsayin
  • Sun, 18:49: Men in Black take down the LA, uh Jacksonville JAGS in OT #Raiders #NFL
  • Sun, 18:50: Down go the JETS, Down go the JETS, Down go the J-E-T-S
  • Sun, 21:16: Wolf got screwed by both THE OSU & CLE Browns this weekend. Surely the Nati lead by TCU's Andy Dalton won't do the same? Streaking 4 $ #espn
  • Sun, 21:21: RT @ESPNDrLou: Week 2 of BCS standings: 1. Alabama 2. Florida 3. Kansas St 4. Oregon 5. Notre Dame 6. LSU 7. Oregon St 8. Oklahoma 9. U ...
  • Sun, 21:21: RT @GoDucks: Oregon Football stays at No. 2 in AP, Coaches' & Harris polls, drops to No. 4 in latest BCS Standings. Next up, CU Sat. ...
  • Sun, 21:27: Listening to the #Bengals radio broadcast on WATH, Athens Ohio, home of THE Ohio University. Don't let me down Cincy
  • Sun, 21:27: RT @DennisDMZ: Candy Crowley was made an honorary Secret Service agent, because nobody protected the President at that debate like she did.
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