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  • Thu, 12:11: Listening to @AdamCarollaShow @AdamCarolla you're a Libertarian not a Conservative. That's a good thing!
  • Thu, 12:12: RT @FreDude1: Grassroots were good in 2010. We bloggers can change the game. Get local sites on-line to cover local politics/news..Do it ...
  • Thu, 13:26: Many misguided tweets blaming Libertarian voters & Democrat mischief for election result. ALL the blame is on Republicans who didn't vote
  • Thu, 13:29: USA got what we deserved because Americans are lazy & take freedom for granted while willingly consuming liberal fascist propaganda. PERIOD
  • Thu, 15:19: “@realDonaldTrump: Our country is now in serious and unprecedented never before.” Yes & GOP'ers R responsible 4 not voting!
  • Thu, 15:58: “@Conserv_Hunter: #IfYouVotedForObama. And you get laid off from work-LMAO!!” And if you didn't bother to vote, DITTO!
  • Thu, 16:12: @SeanHannity is absolutely right. America got what we deserved. There are consequences for being lazy, uninformed & apathetic #shameful
  • Thu, 16:17: GOP must take full responsibility for this debacle. Campaign failed to turn out voters. Unforgivable. Boehner & McConnell shld B 1st 2 go
  • Thu, 16:19: Hispanic vote did not turn the election. Failure to competently manage the campaign & turn out conservative vote was the problem. No amnesty
  • Thu, 16:21: “@willspencer: Many of my fellow Republicans are living in denial because it's too horrible for them to accept..." their own failure!
  • Thu, 16:23: 60 million liberals, subversives or uninformed, misguided voters have determined our fate! They showed up to vote so they win. #tcot #fail
  • Thu, 16:25: “@lheal: By your logic, @SenatorReid, we should never change any laws -- good enough under prior administrations, right?” Boycott Las Vegas!
  • Thu, 16:26: RT @anna12061: What Major Demographic Shift?
  • Thu, 16:27: RT @scvbuckeye: “@TunaCharlie: Pepsi laying off 4,000 employees & reducing pension contributions. #tcot#Thank ...
  • Thu, 16:30: GOP not Obama to blame. BO vowed to fundamentally change America & GOP failed to defeat a liberal fascist POTUS! Republican Party at fault
  • Thu, 16:35: RT @BenK84: It's amazing how many companies are firing people this week and what is happening in the stock market. Wait, not amazing, ex ...
  • Thu, 16:35: RT @PatDollard: Do not buy this baloney about a changing electorate being responsible for Obama's victory. That is fallacy to psych GOP ...
  • Thu, 17:00: <-- fought the War on Drugs for over 3 decades. See LP Platform 1.2 for my current position on drug enforcement #tlot
  • Thu, 17:02: “@RScottDaktari: @stevelemois I had a S&W Airlight .357 with hollow tips but it was a bitch to fire.” Ya think? :)
  • Thu, 17:05: RT @Boazziz: Oppression doesnt come at once. We all must be aware of change in the air, lest we become victims of the darkness. -Justice ...
  • Thu, 23:01: RT @JedediahBila: Angry at celebrities who dissed you for being a conservative this election? Don't waste energy yelling. Instead, don't ...
  • Fri, 08:34: “@warriorwoman91: On debt limit: 'We'll raise it'...” There will be a day of reckoning! Save, stockpile. Lead over gold
  • Fri, 08:34: RT @stevelemois: Juan Williams @foxnews is on...MUTE! Another moron!
  • Fri, 08:35: RT @MelissaTweets: Borderline? She's a full on nut bar. RT @bdomenech: "Elizabeth Warren is a borderline mental case." Cianfrocca on @Co ...
  • Fri, 08:38: Hope is fading but we must fight on.
  • Fri, 08:41: “@KurtSchlichter: I'm not ready to cede country to the tyranny of losers. Are U in?" Millions didn't even show up 2 vote, What do u think?
  • Fri, 08:56: The Obamanation is the culmination of 30+ years of liberal fascist propaganda. America will continue to fundamentally change
  • Fri, 08:58: I mourn not for myself. I lived in the best of times. I mourn for our children & grandchildren. Will they have to endure the worst of times?
  • Fri, 10:33: We Have Found the Enemy. It is US. repent 4 not voting & get your shit together. GOP failed when it most needed to win
  • Fri, 10:59: Hundreds of power company workers from Texas & other right to work states turned away from NY & NJ! Is USA fractured beyond repair?
  • Fri, 11:16: It's the declining American values not the declining economy that will destroy our country. Liberal fascism is now a core American value
  • Fri, 11:43: Another small business on the auction block. Thousands more 2 follow. At least 1 million jobs will be lost 2 Obamacare
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