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  • Fri, 12:14: When will the 47% who pay ZERO federal income start paying? Broaden the base before you penalize job creators
  • Fri, 12:15: RT @JimPethokoukis: 33% of voters said taxes should be raised to help reduce the budget deficit, while 63% disagreed
  • Fri, 12:15: RT @VheyPreexa: Can you imaging being on a cruise ship. And 51% of the people on board decide to cut a large hole in the bottom of it? # ...
  • Fri, 12:15: RT @JoeNYLaw: America, Obama asked you for his revenge and you gave it to him. Now the question is WHO will take revenge for the euthani ...
  • Fri, 12:16: RT @ben_techpro: Great! idiots standing behind the incompetent while they slip into The Working Poor. RT (cont)
  • Fri, 12:19: We will not tolerate "People's House" caving into liberal fascist anti-American tyrannical foreign born POTUS. GOP & Borhner on notice!
  • Fri, 12:41: Before amnesty was given Reagan got 37% of Hispanic vote. After GH Bush got 30% of Hispanic vote. Don't fall into liberal fascist Dem trap
  • Fri, 12:46: Wake up patriots. Don't listen to the "wizards of smart". This is a liberal fascist Democrat trap. Do not give up the fight!
  • Fri, 12:46: “@GayPatriot: Stocks were up slightly before Obama spoke. Now they are back down again. #ObamaEffect” what a F'n shock!
  • Fri, 12:55: Spending measures must originate &pass in the People's House. we will not be pushed around. See county by county election results 4 details
  • Fri, 13:08: “@AmericanBand911: In two days stock market dropped 791 points" and we are to follow BO lead on economic recovery? People's House must lead
  • Fri, 13:48: Election UPDATE: WH says Obama will veto any bill that fails to raise taxes on individuals making more than $200,000 -families $250,000
  • Fri, 14:04: FACT: Before Hitler it never occurred to anyone that fascism had anything to do with anti-Semitism. Mussolini supported by chief Rabbi-Rome
  • Fri, 14:06: Jews were over represented in the Italian Fascist movement from its founding in 1919 until 1938, when they were kicked out post Hitler
  • Fri, 14:10: 1923 NY Times "Mussolini is a Latin Roosevelt who first acts & then inquires if it is legal. He has been of great service to Italy at home"
  • Fri, 14:15: Samuel McClure championed Fascism as "a great step forward & the first new ideal in government since the founding of the American Republic"
  • Fri, 14:20: Columbia University was the original home of liberal Fascism in America. For more than a decade NYT painted a glowing picture of Mussolini
  • Fri, 14:38: "Fascist moment" in the West came from coalition of progressives, communists, socialists who wanted to rid us of constitutional liberty
  • Fri, 14:40: Informed Americans MUST understand the history of Fascism to understand today's progressives & the mission of the Democrat Party Obamanation
  • Fri, 14:49: In 1911, Mussolini served as editor of "Class War", the megaphone of the Italian Socialist Party, as most radical socialist outside Russia
  • Fri, 14:52: The primary purpose of the liberal fascist Obamanation is to mobilize the masses to understand their power over the capitalist ruling class
  • Fri, 14:55: "It is faith that moves mountains, not reason. Reason is a tool but it can never be the motive force of the crowd." -DNA of the left
  • Fri, 15:00: Modern Progressives (Democrats) practice "lying for justice". The enemies of the common good must be forced to bend to the general will.
  • Fri, 15:07: Crisis is the core mechanism of fascism because it short circuits debate and democratic deliberation. Obama will prolong the economic crisis
  • Fri, 15:44: RT @Tom_Francois: CIA Director David Petraeus resigns, cites extramarital affair! Yeah right! You mean Benghazi! This way you won't have ...
  • Fri, 15:45: RT @ConserValidity: Obama Interior proposal blocks 1.6 million acres of Federal land already slated for oil shale development @TheHill h ...
  • Fri, 15:46: “@realDonaldTrump: Russian leaders are publicly celebrating Obama's reelection." As is China, who said BO was a pushover, mental midget
  • Fri, 15:46: RT @DebbieSchlussel: . @WBlance HUH? Immigration is NOT a "social issue," it's a national security--and national existence--issue! & ...
  • Fri, 15:46: RT @DebbieSchlussel: FRAUDS: Sean #Hannity Endorses Illegal Alien Amnesty; John Boehner, Too #tcot #gop #immigratio ...
  • Fri, 17:12: Obama idea of compromise is raising taxes on job creators who actually pay fed income tax NOT 49% of earners who pay NOTHING. Will VETO...
  • Fri, 17:18: Charles Krauthammer is WRONG about GOP pandering to Hispanic voters. His plan simply will not work. The economy will be back in play 2016
  • Fri, 18:09: Politics is a dirty, nasty unethical sausage making business. Who better than Democrats to excel in this business? GOP needs to grow a pair
  • Fri, 18:12: “@Chris_1791: Dreier appointed Las Vegas gambling writer” boycott Las Vegas. $ talks, bulldhit walks. See Dirty Harry
  • Fri, 18:14: RT @geneb527: Obamacare: Seven New Taxes on Citizens Earning Less than $250,000
  • Fri, 18:37: “@Duthsman: So is #ObamaNigga not a racist term? I'm confused. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone. #what” If ur a nigga or a wigga it's NOT
  • Fri, 22:02: UPDATE: Liberal Fascism - Core of a Fordham University Education
  • Fri, 23:28: Economy was Bush's fault yet his largest deficit was $400 billion. Obama has an annual $1.2 trillion debt & growing. GOP failing to inform
  • Sat, 08:11: 48 Hours After Obama Elected for 2nd Term, OVER 500 companies have all announced layoffs in the USA via @zite
  • Sat, 08:53: “@AFLC_Updates: CAIR Poll: More Than 85% of U.S. Muslims Voted for Obama |" majority of Jews too
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