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ICE focused on keeping Hispanics Out but letting Muslims In USA

Hispanics have been Public Enemy #1 at ICE since it was formed.  During the same period, Muslims have continued to flood into the United States, unchecked.  The doctrine of Islam teaches that non-believers (infidels) are fair game for elimination from the world.  Muslims also believe they will be exceptionally rewarded in the after life for purging the world of "infidels".   DHS is seriously and fatally  flawed.  The Department of Homeland Security, which in fact has harmed the National Security makes undocumented Hispanics their primary target in the daily operations of both CBP & ICE.

Reporter from Mexico held by ICE is released - El Paso Times

Mosque is being built in strict keeping with Islamic law and tradition

ARLINGTON, TX — Mouffa Nahaas walked through a construction site he helps oversee and pledged that it would not be a typical construction project.

"From the outside it’s going to give you the impression it’s something different, it’s not just a building," Nahaas said. "It’s important for us to be not just a building. We want to add to the diversity of the city."

Nahaas is overseeing the construction of a mosque on Road to Six Flags near the intersection of Cooper Street in north Arlington.

Expected to be completed by June, this will be the new home of Dar El Salam. Muslims in north Arlington currently use rented space that was once a drugstore for their mosque.

"When you have rented property you think of getting your own," said Nahaas, vice president of Dar El Salam.

The new mosque will be an unmistakable break from the unassuming building they use now. Careful attention is being paid to building the house of worship in keeping with the laws and traditions of Islam.

Designed by architect Mahbub Dewan of Frisco, the mosque will have arched windows and a distinctive copper dome flanked by minarets. Minarets are towers where the call to prayer is made. The minarets on the new mosque will be decorative.

Nahaas said the inside will be painted white and a chandelier will hang from the dome.

"The dome is going to be pretty, inside and out," he said.

The mosque faces Mecca, and there will also be copper on the mihrab. The mihrab is a half dome, like an apse at the end of a church, but it has more meaning because it faces Mecca, the direction Muslims face when they gather to pray.

A separate section for women will open onto a playground for children.

Even the financing of the building is in keeping with Islamic law. Construction is completed as it’s paid for by donations from the local Muslim community. Islamic law forbids use of interest-bearing bonds.

A youth center with a basketball court will be built later with five columns representing the five pillars of Islam: faith in God and recognition of Muhammad as his prophet; prayer five times a day; charity; fasting during the holy month of Ramadan; and a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in one’s life.

"Even the kids come in here, and they are very excited to see this mosque" being constructed, Nahaas said. "They say, 'This is our mosque.’ "

The mosque will also include a library, small kitchen and a suite to accommodate lecturers who come to speak.

Arlington has three other mosques, and Nahaas said the construction of a new one represents the growth in the Muslim population in Tarrant County.

Census figures do not track the number of religious groups in the country, but many believe that American Muslims are experiencing strong population growth.

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, said mosques are being built around the country as the Muslim population increases.

"Probably nobody knows for sure, but we can look at it anecdotally. If you look at any urban area around the country or any area you’ll see tremendous growth in the Muslim population," Hooper said.

"It’s clear the Muslim community has grown tremendously in the last decade or more, and the building of mosques is just a natural outgrowth in that increase of population," he said.

It’s important for us to be not just a building. We want to add to the diversity of the city."

Mouffa Nahaas
vice president, Dar El Salam

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