The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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  • Mon, 22:29: RT @Schultz_Report: Nothing new here, but Rick Barnes is an absolute joke. Texas never plays hard and they literally don't run anything. ...
  • Mon, 22:29: RT @FrancisinMD: CHAMINADE UP BY 19 ON TEXAS WITH 6 MINUTES LEFT!! Rick Barnes needs to just stay in Hawaii
  • Mon, 22:32: Rick Barnes is to college basketball what Mack Brown is to college football #hookem #fail #horns see train wreck on ESPNU
  • Mon, 22:36: Liberal Fascist main stream media propaganda machine sealed Obama election.
  • Mon, 23:02: RT @DFWscanner: Earthquake - Several reports of an earthquake felt in the Mansfield/Arlington area. Did you feel it, and from where?
  • Tue, 07:52: Definition of Insanity: Democrat Super Majority in California #tlot #tcot #p2
  • Tue, 08:33: LMAO @keitholbermann hosting on MLB Network which FOX controls & owns with MLB. Olbermann is a #p2 sellout always in search of camera
  • Tue, 11:04: $4.05 for a Starbucks tall, which is small, Holiday coffee?? Wow, people in USA really are FUBAR!


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