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  • Wed, 12:48: “@Seventhtym48: Stop school shootings by letting teachers fire back, say Texas officials via @foxnews” Utah too!
  • Wed, 12:49: RT @ExJon: I'm all for banning large magazines, but Time and Newsweek aren't that large anymore.
  • Wed, 13:02: RT @Norsu2: Lib prof demands NRA chief’s “head on a stick” deletes Twitter acct He should be fired, no student con ...
  • Wed, 13:05: Obama Executive Order #10045753566427 hereby & forever violence can only be advocated & tolerated by liberal fascists & Democrats #redundant
  • Wed, 13:24: Boehner says House will pass tax cut for 99.81%. Obama can convince Senate to pass & sign or B responsible 4 largest tax increase in history
  • Wed, 13:24: RT @markknoller: Boehner's statement ran 51-seconds and then he walked away and took no questions from reporters.
  • Wed, 13:26: Boehners's statement took 51 seconds. Such a contrast to BS BO press conference that rambled on forever lol
  • Wed, 13:26: RT @gigiljm: Does he really think we believe criminals buy guns legally!???
  • Wed, 13:30: RT @WSJbreakingnews: Boehner says House will pass 'Plan B' bill in Thursday vote.
  • Wed, 13:35: RT @PolitixGal: WH vows veto of Boehner plan... but offers no compromise plan in return. Obama is no negotiator -- he's an effing tyran ...
  • Wed, 13:58: “@piersmorgan: Boehner conducted possibly the most childish presser in American history" looked like everyone of ur shows w/o name calling
  • Wed, 14:31: “@cgpb: "In 1938 Hitler won Time Person of the Year, then he disarmed his citizens and killed millions!" That explains it!!!
  • Wed, 14:41: “@BoogymanWF: In 1938 Germany disarmed it's citizens. By 1945 murder of millions of Jews completed." Tea Party is target of liberal fascists
  • Wed, 15:07: @MSNBC we don't need more guns. We have 300 million in USA. We need more places that allow law abiding CCW permit holders to lawfully carry
  • Wed, 15:08: Second Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunters or hunting. NOTHING
  • Wed, 15:11: Liberal fascists on @msnbc vow to ban guns in America, admitting that it will take decades but we will take incremental steps BC of Newtown
  • Wed, 15:12: @msnbc give us one reason by armed, trained, CCW holding teachers who volunteer should not be armed at school?
  • Wed, 15:15: Martin Bashir an interloper & subversive like @piersmorgan calling for a total ban on semi-automatic guns in USA. Water pistols wld b exempt
  • Wed, 17:00: Phrase of the Day: Molon Labe! (Mo-LONE lah-VEH) Come & Get It
  • Wed, 17:06: RT @stillborn86: @Dstroyr_U2b You know the FBI ranks the baseball bat as the #1 most used weapon in homicides/violent crime, yet those h ...
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