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  • Thu, 23:08: “@warriorwoman91: The party's over, it was fun while it lasted but it ain't no fun no more...and now they wonder what they'd hurried for.”🚷
  • Fri, 07:38: CNBC falling in line with MSNBC propaganda blaming GOP for driving US towards fiscal cliff. Refuses to recognize that Obama won't compromise
  • Fri, 07:49: Obama Propoganda Machine Pushes "Sensible Gun Laws" PC Speak for CONFISCATION of Firearms #NRA #GOA #SAF #NSSF
  • Fri, 07:54: RT @tarheel58: Take Action:Defend Our Right To Bear Arms #tcot #teaparty ,I had rather die free than under the foo ...
  • Fri, 08:05: Boehner kicked duly elected Tea Party members off key committees. How is that working out for him? We the people will not cave #tcot #tlot
  • Fri, 08:12: If USA goes off fiscal cliff, Obama may not enjoy the plunge as much as the MSNBC propaganda machine thinks. POTUS will be held responsible
  • Fri, 08:12: RT @NewsNinja2012: I know it is hard to believe for some liberals but what the president is wanting will only fund the government for le ...
  • Fri, 08:13: RT @anna12061: Wayne DuesEx Dupree Did u know the House of Rep already passed a bill not raise taxes on any American but Harry Reid won' ...
  • Fri, 08:13: RT @RichardGrenell: Cut Congressional staffs in half, cut every agency by 15%, reform IRS code, make everyone pay taxes, protect progra ...
  • Fri, 08:14: RT @Leahherron: Where you have the most armed citizens in America you have the lowest crime rates. #secondamendment #nra #freedom
  • Fri, 08:15: Boehner offered to break core GOP principle on taxes but Obama offered him nothing he could take back to his rank-and-file in return #tcot
  • Fri, 08:17: Best scenario for the economy now would be for Obama to offer to extend all the tax rates for six months and start negotiating anew in 2013
  • Fri, 08:45: The Obamanation is a philosophy of failure, a creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery
  • Fri, 08:47: RT @BreakingNews: Report: US Marine imprisoned in Mexico on gun charge to be released today, mother tells Fox News Radio - @foxnewsalert ...
  • Fri, 08:49: RT @Dagny_Galt: Rumors of the Tea Party's demise are greatly exaggerated. #tcot #teaparty
  • Fri, 08:50: RT @NewsNinja2012: 2014 ALL RINO'S MUST BE PRIMARY CHALLENGED WITH TEA PARTY CANDIDATES! (Local, County, State, Federal) Start... http:/ ...
  • Fri, 08:51: RT @KOSMOSNET: The new horizon of gun control, Part 4. “Wolves at the door” #tcot #tlot
  • Fri, 09:12: Put a fork in John Boehner. He's done. Looked like he was about to burst into tears throughout the press conference #teaparty
  • Fri, 09:23: RT @Heritage: TRUTH: Conservatives Should Stand Their Ground! Read on ----------> #tcot
  • Fri, 09:31: Can Obama blame Boehner for the next 4 years like he blamed Bush for the last 4? Piper will be paid. Significant spending cuts & Tax Reform!
  • Fri, 09:33: There are consequences to staying home on Election Day. Democrats drove their base (living & dead) to polls. GOP & gun owners stayed home❗
  • Fri, 09:57: Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) Connecticut: Assault weapons (AR-15) were designed with the "purpose to kill and maim innocent human beings."
  • Fri, 10:08: Democrat Sen Blumenthal says AR-15 type "assault" weapons designed to "kill and main INNOCENT human beings" @NRA
  • Fri, 10:16: Democrat Senator Blumenthal Says AR-15 Designed to Kill and Maim INNOCENT Humans VIDEO @NRA
  • Fri, 10:38: Blumenthal Says AR-15 Designed to Kill Innocent Humans: via @youtube #NRApresser #NRA
  • Fri, 10:48: RT @NRA: The NRA is going to ... develop a model National School Shield Emergency Response Program for every school that wants it #NRA
  • Fri, 11:09: MSNBC talking heads & GOP loser Michael Steele say #tcot will embrace passing of more federal gun control laws after watching #NRApresser
  • Fri, 11:12: We protect banks, casinos, courts with armed guards but Progressives are outraged that NRA supports doing same for schools? #liberalfascism
  • Fri, 11:14: “@SydDaniels: Gallup:More Americans Favor School Officials Having Guns Than Weapon Ban” liberal propaganda denies truth
  • Fri, 11:16: Progressives reject NRA proposal for protecting children. Vow to pass more ineffective gun control laws leading to more tragedy #msnbc
  • Fri, 11:17: “@MJR2KPolitics: @BonzerWolf They're afraid of children learning the truth.” Of course. Education system is huge part of liberal propaganda
  • Fri, 11:20: When Progressives say AR-15 modern sporting rifles are designed solely for killing innocent human beings, it highlights their gun ban agenda
  • Fri, 11:24: MSNBC says we will go over the cliff than Obama will save us in January by punishing anyone who makes over $250,000. Good luck with all that
  • Fri, 11:26: MSNBC talking heads say Tea Party came to burn the house down. Imply that that must be eradicated. Sound familiar? #liberalfascism
  • Fri, 11:27: MSNBC says GOP does not realize they are now irrelevant. Nation has transitioned to liberal fascist rule. #tcot will be eradicated by Obama
  • Fri, 11:28: RT @collegepolitico: Liberals seriously mocking the idea of police officers in school. They couldn't care less about real solutions... j ...
  • Fri, 11:41: Fort Worth Gun Show this weekend. Doors open at 9am. Get there early!
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