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  • Fri, 18:24: MSM including Fox R hoplophobes who want you to believe armed security is not a solution. Yet politicians & celebrities have armed security
  • Fri, 18:30: MSM including FOX not reporting that legally armed citizen stopped more carnage in Oregon mall shooting
  • Fri, 18:33: Barry about to go wheels up on Air Force One. Eyes to the sky, BO may be flying over your humble abode on way to Hawaii $4 million holiday
  • Fri, 18:54: RT @anna12061: Dear NRA protesters: I see you on TV w 'Stop Killing Our Children' signs. Shouldn't u b protesting in front of Planned Pa ...
  • Fri, 18:58: “@BUBBAHILLBILLY1: "Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks"~Thomas Jefferson #NRA” It is and always will be 🔫
  • Fri, 18:59: RT @OutCheaSince92: The President Of The United States Of America Took 1,400 ASSAULT MACHINE GUNS & Sold Them To Mexican Cartel With ...
  • Fri, 19:10: The Beef O'Brady Bowl? Seriously ESPN⁈ 🏈
  • Fri, 19:41: Democrat Senator Blumenthal Says AR-15 Designed to Kill and Maim INNOCENT Humans #NRA #GOA #NSSF #SAF #tcot #tlot
  • Fri, 20:19: “@TheOtherRosie: How about we ban guns for liberals only? lol” I'm in! But govt wants illegal guns in hood. They will join THEIR side ❗
  • Fri, 20:20: RT @davidwebbshow: Adam Lanza stole guns so the next logical step is to ban all guns...makes absolutely no sense #HannityLive
  • Fri, 21:44: Everybody wants to see violent crime rate, which is at 40 year low go down further. But only the left wants to disarm law abiding citizens
  • Fri, 21:45: RT @KurtSchlichter: My guns are not for sporting or hunting. They are for use against bad people to defend my family & community. I ...
  • Fri, 21:47: RT @Skunky66613: @MailOnline We R NOT 'subjects' but citizens! We R proud of our 2nd Amendment. Lock & load violent & Mooooosl ...
  • Fri, 21:51: UK gun crime despite ban, increased 89% in ten years. Metropolitan police now armed with sub-machine guns. US gun crime going down 4 decades
  • Fri, 21:53: RT @TakeNoMoore: Armed Citizen Saves Cop’s Life
  • Fri, 21:58: “@Viper_grl: The worst part about surviving the apocalypse is that Justin Beiber survived it too.” And @piersmorgan
  • Fri, 22:00: MSNBC & Progressives pretending vast majority of Americans want MORE gun control. Not wishful thinking. It's liberal fascist propaganda
  • Fri, 22:00: RT @webhed17: The Second Amendment is there ultimately to protect us from totalitarianism. Let's stop pretending otherwise.
  • Fri, 22:02: I support you hunters & sports shooting participants 100%. But frankly the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with either #justsayin
  • Fri, 22:03: “@BattleSwarmBlog: All this liberal and #MSM screeching and hectoring has confirmed that I need to rejoin the #NRA.” Absofuckinglutely 👍
  • Fri, 22:18: “@ChuckNellis: Who can beat Hillary in the Democrat primary? I think Cory Booker.” 100% @piersmorgan style gun banner & confiscator
  • Fri, 22:19: RT @Mark_JekyllHyde: President Obama calls for Rep in congress to get back to work to fix fiscal cliff and than boards Air force 1 for v ...
  • Fri, 22:22: RT @HeidiL_RN: Absolutely. Now more than ever we must call out the libs on EVERY SINGLE issue and #STAYLOUD Patriots #IAmAndrewBreitbart ...
  • Fri, 22:24: “@Pontifex: When you deny God, you deny human dignity. Whoever defends God is defending the human person.” My first Papal retweet. Met JP6
  • Fri, 22:39: GUN FREE ZONES Maximum mayhem with minimum risk. Yet somehow radical Hoplophobic world advocates leaving open the armed predator loophole
  • Fri, 22:40: RT @LandrevilleRRP: More guns is easier than facing the hard edged truth: deinstitutionalizing and ignoring severe mental health problem ...
  • Fri, 22:40: RT @HeidiL_RN: When my acct is suspended by leftie trolls Follow me @HeidiRN3 When that one goes down try @gulaggal When that goes down ...
  • Fri, 22:41: RT @GLCmom:
  • Fri, 22:44: Kindergarten Killers game for sale over a decade but main stream media ignores this "entertainment". It doesn't advance gun grab agenda #NRA
  • Fri, 22:44: “@SusanKnowles: JimFKenney <--- why Philadelphia is not in my travel plans.” Can't scratch that surface in 140 characters!
  • Fri, 22:46: 20,000+ gun control laws in USA. How's that working to keep our children safe, Hoplophobes? Good guy w gun needed to stop bad guy w gun
  • Fri, 22:49: Gun good when used to protect POTUS & celebrities. Guns bad when used to protect the children of law abiding taxpayers. Liberal agenda!
  • Fri, 22:50: RT @DataGenesis: #PJNET thanks & supports Florida District 18 Congresswoman @RosLehtinen for her leadership to #BringHammarHome http ...
  • Fri, 22:50: RT @RIGHTZONE: The government has bought millions of hollow point man killer rounds and now wants to disarm American citizens.
  • Fri, 22:54: We have $ for foreign aid but not $ for school protection officers? How can we deny trained, teachers with CHL responsible carry at school?
  • Fri, 22:56: NRA is the oldest civil rights organization in America yet the liberal fascists are rabid about the School Shield Program. #gofigure
  • Fri, 22:59: <-- Supports NRA National School Safety Program. As much as liberals hate it, it has to be good
  • Fri, 23:09: RT @KBinSC: #LiberalCountryMusicSongs I'm a Boy in the Men's jail, who want's to be a Girl in the Men's jail, so buy me an $80,000.00 q ...
  • Fri, 23:16: COPS in School originally proposed by POTUS Clinton now called crazy but left hoplophobes with gun confiscation agenda
  • Fri, 23:22: Petition the White House: Deport British Citizen Piers Morgan for Attacking 2nd Amendment #NRA #GOA #NSSF
  • Sat, 11:10: RT @ObamaVSAmerica: "We have as a President a radical ideologue, ruthless politician who despises the country, and the way it was founde ...
  • Sat, 11:13: RT @verumserum: Same folks who said Marines wouldn't have helped in Benghazi now claim cops wouldn't help in schools. At least they're c ...
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