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Wally Champ is a MORON
Slow day on Wally Champs rag of a blog, so he decided to stir shit up by accusing me of being Mark Cuban.  "I don’t have enough facts to argue any way about this issue but I do know that Bonzer Wolf has posted this same message on many other blogs about Mark Cuban. Is Bonzer Wolf Mark Cuban?? I like to think so and that he actively reads Wally Champ. =) "  

Perhaps this is Editor Chris Wallace' (no not the one on tee vee) attempt at blog humor? Either way, Wally Champ has morons behind the keyboard.  Yesterday, Bonzer read and posted responses concerning the SEC action against Mark Cuban on numerous blogs. I posted responses on a dozen or more. Detective Wally, used this as evidence that I was Mark Cuban posting under the alias Bonzer Wolf.  Guess again, Champ.  Bonzer Wolf is indeed an alias but it does not belong to Mark Cuban.  Take time to read my profile next time and perhaps you will get something right for a change.  Wally Champ claims to be the unltimate blog authority on pop culture.  Oh, well, in that case, you must be told the truth.  Bonzer Wolf is Howard Stern's online alias. OK, back to work, you buck toothed jack ass!


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