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  • Wed, 13:04: RT @ChuckCarltonDMN: Going on @finebaum at about 1:05 Central time to talk college football (and somehow I think Johnny Manziel's name migh…
  • Wed, 13:17: RT @sbrokeski: @finebaum finally showing some understanding of @CoachSumlin 's sensitive position and handling. Has been overly critical as…
  • Wed, 15:10: RT @GFootballSunday: Johnny Manziel suspended for 30 minutes: As Johnny Manziel starts what will surely be his final season playing... http…
  • Wed, 15:15: Dez Bryant gets 1 yr suspension for lying about lunch. @JManziel2 gets 30 minutes for lying about selling thousands of autographs to brokers
  • Wed, 15:21: What does Money Badger's 30 minute suspension do besides increase TV ratings for a lame Rice vs A&M game? It does not suck 2 B @JManziel2 🏈
  • Wed, 15:24: Las Vegas has taken down the 26.5 line for Rice vs A&M. Game is currently off the board. Hold those early tickets, they are valid😻
  • Wed, 15:25: RT @Dwoolvie: Vegas line dropped to -27 from -31.5. A&M vs. Rice
  • Wed, 15:25: RT @doug_keegan: After suspension news, A&M now a 26.5 point favorite over Rice, with a total of 64.5.
  • Wed, 15:43: Look what TV network benefits from the higher ratings generated by @JManziel2 30 minute suspension
  • Wed, 16:31: <---made first call to @finebaum @espnradio show today. Call is about 15 mins into the last hour. Listen on Espn radio app or podcast 24/7
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    Sat, 12:36: RT @ RealJamesWoods: Google Search Suppresses Climate Realism // The more important question: why would anyone use Google?…

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    Fri, 17:57: Catch and release kills three in Savannah Sat, 08:18: BLM mob picks on wrong old white dude in…

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