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Obama tells Infidels to go F themselves

Obama just delivered his first major "FU " speech to all the infidels, i.e non Democrats.  The line has been drawn  in the sand and the war is on. Its the SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS against the rest of the country.  There is not room for bipartisanship in this debate. The Democrats are putting this country directly on the road to socialism. The Republicans, Independents & Libertarians need to join together to fight this hypocrite and his socialist party.  By the way, Jay Leno, he ain't.  Let's get it on!  2010 baby!                                      
Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was the most liberal senator in 2007, according to National Journal's 27th annual vote ratings. The insurgent presidential candidate shifted further to the left last year in the run-up to the primaries, after ranking as the 16th- and 10th-most-liberal during his first two years in the Senate.

Did you know in his last 12 months as an "acting" senator, there were 400 items voted on in the US Senate. Of those 400 items, Obama DID NOT vote on 231 of them. If he doesn't do his job over 50% of the time, what can we expect of him as President?

Socialists mainly share the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and creates an unequal society. All socialists advocate the creation of an egalitarian society, in which wealth and power are distributed more evenly, although there is considerable disagreement among socialists over how, and to what extent this could be achieved. 

Economic egalitarianism is a state of economic affairs in which the participants of a society are of equal standing and equal access to all the economic resources in terms of economic power, wealth, and contribution. It is a founding principle of various forms of socialism.

Social liberalism supports heavier taxation and more state enterprises than other forms of liberalism. The term has variations around the world; North American self-described social liberals generally support some degree of free market, whereas many European self-described social liberals have background in socialism and even in communism, such as New Italian Socialist Party or Radicals of the Left.

Different kinds of egalitarianism can sometimes conflict, while in other situations they may be indispensable to each other. For instance, communism is an egalitarian doctrine, according to which everyone is supposed to enjoy material equality. However, because material inequality has always existed to some extent in domestic and international economy, communists argue that something must be done to remove it. Since those who enjoy the greatest material wealth are not likely to wish to part with it, some form of coercive mechanism is often used.

Some Marxists now believe that communism can only be achieved if the coercive powers of redistribution needed during the transitional period are vested in a democratic body whose powers are limited by various checks and balances, in order to prevent abuse. In other words, they argue that political egalitarianism is indispensable to material egalitarianism. Meanwhile, other defenders of material egalitarianism have rejected state communism in favor of such views as libertarian socialism or anarchism, which do not necessarily advocate the transitional use of the state as a means of redistribution. This is in contrast to unplanned economies such as free market capitalism, where everyone's individual transactions in the market place distribute wealth rather than any centralized or decentralized bodies of power.

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