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  • Sun, 14:55: ✅ Don't look now but courtesy of a pick six, Seattle is tied with Houston 20-20 with 2:25 to go🙀
  • Sun, 15:06: RT @brian_mcintyre: Amazing that this Seahawks-Texans game is going to overtime. Game appeared over midway through 3 quarters.
  • Sun, 15:09: It took 45 years but Pittsburgh Steelers have managed to start the NFL season 0-4 🏈
  • Sun, 15:24: RT @dallascowboys: Cowboys are wearing blue jerseys today. Read why they aren't worn more often #CowboysNation http:…
  • Sun, 15:28: 🌟Cowboys not only wearing blue jerseys, their pants are actually silver👍
  • Sun, 15:54: RT @grantboone: Josh Hamilton may spoil the #Rangers playoff run on the final day of the season for the second year in a row.
  • Sun, 15:55: RT @PAPPAFEEZ: Ron Washington needs to get fired. Pulling Yu after 84 pitches is completely ridiculous. @Rangers
  • Sun, 15:57: RT @engeljen: If Rangers lose, Ron Washington ended pink slip debate by pulling Yu Darvish. After 85. Indefensible. Or am I missing somethi…
  • Sun, 16:02: RT @benjihana: Pull your ace after 85. This team deserves better than Ron Washington.
  • Sun, 16:04: Texas Rangers working hard to bail out Ron Washington AGAIN. Beltre limping as he crosses home plate AGAIN⚾️
  • Sun, 16:08: RT @swish41: Split screen cowboys rangers
  • Sun, 16:25: If Rangers get WC, thank Gentry🔴
  • Sun, 16:34: Rangers have stolen 35 bases vs Angels with only 3 CS all season. 40,057 paid attendance for game 162
  • Sun, 16:39: Who knew SoCal had sooo many Cowboys fans? Oh wait, they are Mexico's Team. #nevermind
  • Sun, 16:46: Pick 6 & the home town Cowboys fans are rocking San Diego. Huh?😳
  • Sun, 16:50: Definition of living on the edge: Joe Nathan in 2 save 4 games in a row #justsayin it ain't over until it's over. Every outing an adventure
  • Sun, 16:52: RT @Rangers: Beltre hits his 30th Home Run of the season! #HomeRunFireworks Rangers 5, Angels 2 in the 8th. #LetsGoRangers
  • Sun, 16:53: RT @gfraley: Halos closer Ernesto Frieri made this day possible for Rangers. They have 5 homers in 29 at-bats against him for seaosn.
  • Sun, 16:58: RT @CraigTheKitten: Soto with the 100th homer of the year at Rangers Ballpark
  • Sun, 17:10: Texas Rangers will host Tampa Bay Rays Monday 7:00 in tiebreaker game for 2nd AL wild-card spot vs CLE in Ohio on Wed
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