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Act Now: Stop the Bankrupting of America

Washington liberals have proposed an $825 billion debt bill and we need your help to stop the runaway government spending.


President-elect Obama and Congress are using the cover of economic hardship to pursue a permanent increase in the size and scope of government. This is by far the biggest debt package in the country’s history. Every dollar borrowed will have to be paid back with interest.


The Obama debt package has been proposed at $825 billion, a truly staggering number.  The so-called stimulus is loaded up with a wide-ranging agenda that has nothing to do with boosting the economy. The agenda would manipulate and jeopardize the security of our energy supply, give bureaucrats greater power to make health care decisions, and force federal taxpayers to bail out overspending by state governments.

Even worse, a huge amount of this money will be used to grease the wheels of local special-interest politics, funding thousands of projects of questionable value, projects that were unaffordable during the best economic times and are even less affordable now.

Most of the political class in Washington is set to go along with this no-stimulus approach, because the dramatic expansion in government power means a dramatic expansion in their power, at our expense.

Only a broad, national grassroots movement of ordinary Americans can change the course of this astonishing trillion-dollar-debt big-government power-grab.


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