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  • Wed, 16:22: Bug Out gear check. All systems GO✔️
  • Wed, 16:51: Walther PPQ M2 favorite 9mm. Dawson Precision sights. Nile viroid infested Dallas County Mosquitos on the attack😳
  • Wed, 16:59: Not a good pic of sights but no retakes. Mosquitos on the attack❗️High of 82 today, 32 on Friday🙀
  • Wed, 20:30: The public is not to be informed but indoctrinated, manipulated, and misled by the Progressive Government of the United States -Mark Levin
  • Thu, 11:29: 80 yesterday but 36 & falling below freezing today. Will not get above 32 until Monday & oh ice, freezing rain, sleet 100% chance #DFW ❄️
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