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  • Tue, 13:32: mack brown is toast. Will hang around long enough for Oregon to embarrass #Longhorns in the Alamo Bowl. Then off to ABC/espn or some such ✔️
  • Tue, 13:36: RT @UKEndZone: Seven reasons Nick Saban should consider leaving Alabama for Texas. Replacing Mack Brown #UT #Texas
  • Tue, 21:28: Top 40% of households pay 106% of net federal income tax. Bottom 40% pay nothing & receive 10% back for their trouble😳
  • Wed, 10:06: How does Best Buy stay in business? #Seriously I'm surrounded by morons & they don't open until 10am less than 2 weeks before Xmas! 🆘
  • Wed, 11:33: <--NOT The Wolf of Wall Street but do ❤️ those dividend paying stocks & is my homepage 💸
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