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BO Mandate?

For the record, Barack Hussein Obama (aka BO) received less, than 53% of the popular vote.  Obama's margin of victory was equivalent to about half the population of New York State.  A 3% majority does not a mandate make. ENOUGH ALREADY.

Obama is the first Democrat elected president since Jimmy Carter to win a majority of the popular vote.  How did Jimmy Carter work out for the economy?

Exit polls show that BO lost whites 43 to 55 percent, including men and women, and in all age groups older than 29.  BO drew a 60% majority of independents, but partisan divisions between Democrats and Republicans remained strong.

After securing the Democrat nomination BO gained traction by consistently emphasizing tax and spending cuts. There was a good deal of class warfare in there too, but the theme that most endured was cuts for 95 percent of taxpayers, not increases for the other 5 percent.

If independents voted for Obama because of tax cuts and balanced budgets, that means they remain essentially center-right. The GOP will spend the next four years shoring up its base. This means repudiating the Bush version of conservatism, characterized by astronomical spending and the growth of the federal bureaucracy including the Department of Homeland Stupidity.

Mandate to "Jimmy Carter" the economy?  I don't think so. The honeymoon is over and BO is quickly being exposed.

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