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Chakwin on thin ICE

Sources report that Dallas ICE Special Agent in Charge John Chakwin, has been told he will be transferred to Headquarters if morale does not improve in Dallas. Chakwin received the lowest score in the country when agents were surveyed at the end of last year. Chakwin's approval rate was a dismal 20% according to sources. Less than 20% who responded to the survey expected morale in Dallas to improve under Chakwin. 

Chakwin was promoted to the Senior Executive Service in spite of the survey results. But there's a new sheriff at DHS (Janet Napolitano) who apparently is not impressed with Chakwin's well documented character flaws. Sources in Dallas report that Chakwin has been on his best behavior lately. It appears he is trying to save his job in Dallas and avoid another HQ assignment. 

Another rumor going around ICE is that former San Antonio and Arizona Special Agent in Charge Alonzo Pena is slated to replace Julie Myers as HMFIC at ICE.  Pena made nice with then Arizona governor Janet Napolitano when he replaced a SAC in Phoenix. The former SAC had openly feuded with Napolitano, which was extensively covered by the Arizona media. 

Pena is a legacy Customs agent but apparently not a fan of Chakwin or his management by machete style.
Pena was known as the "Diplomat" during his career at ICE. Chakwin, on the other hand,  is routinely referred to as "Lightning" by ICE agents.  Like lightning, agents have no idea where Chakwin will strike next.  But like lightning another Chakwin strike is certain to happen.

 John Chakwin Jr. HMFIC Dallas ICE Office of Investigations
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