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  • Tue, 17:48: Rode CTP to downtown FTW from Cleburne post R&K Grandview. 1 lane each direction 70mph speed limit n Johnson County😳
  • Tue, 20:52: Report: Apple to Offer Split-Screen Multitasking for iPad in iOS 8
  • Tue, 21:07: I just backed iStick™: USB Flash Drive with Lightning for iPhone and iPad on @Kickstarter
  • Tue, 21:11: Michael Sam’s Boyfriend is Mafia, Gambling Ring Royalty: NFL Usually Alarmed By That, But b/c He’s Gay No Biggie
  • Wed, 07:04: Mrs Wolf having her gallbladder removed this am. Nice that good hospital is only 3 minutes from the Wolf Den👍
  • Wed, 09:39: She Wolf out of surgery in less than 40 minutes. All went well. recovery room for next hour os so. Back to eating Mexican food soon😃
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