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The Begining of the END to capitalism in America
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Yesterday, Barack Obama signed the $787 BILLION “stimulus” bill into law.  This marks his first major legislative action, but just one of many already broken campaign promises.

He promised transparency and accountability in the legislative process, but the details of the bill were negotiated in closed-door sessions.  Then, only a very limited number of physical copies were made available.

In addition, lawmakers had less than 24 hours to review the over 1,000 page bill before the vote was taken, hardly enough time to read a bill with such critical implications for our economy.

So far, one thing is clear from these early weeks of the Obama administration:

Barack Obama has brought no real change to Washington.

He is continuing the reckless spending and out of control debt of the last administration.  He is playing the usual Washington games of partisan bickering and exempting those who work for him from standards required of every other American.  His “stimulus” is packed with lobbyist payoffs and special-interest pork.

Barack Obama is right about one thing – we ARE facing a serious economic crisis.  But he is wrong that “only government can break the vicious cycle.”

Big Government economic policies are the cause of the cycle, not the solution!

Reckless spending and socialist meddling will only prolong the economic turmoil our government has created.  We cannot allow the new administration continue down this same destructive path.

Only fiscal restraint, free markets, and individual liberty can return us to stability and prosperity.


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