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  • Fri, 14:22: Roger Goodell blah, blah, blah, blah, blah #p2 #pc Agenda set by progressive media machine. Due Process DENIED
  • Fri, 14:37: RT @AaronQ13Fox: So if Sean Payton or others "acknowledged mistakes and promised to make changes," they should've gotten off scot-free? @nf
  • Fri, 14:38: RT @sportspickle: Roger Goodell (paraphrased): "From now on we will have a zero tolerance policy. Except for me. I can screw up and keep my…
  • Fri, 14:41: RT @Ianfitzespn: I think I trust Tim Donaghy to officiate an NBA game more than I believe or trust Roger Goodell right now.
  • Fri, 14:46: RT @Schottey: Roger Goodell is floundering in the worst possible way right now. He has no idea how to do with this. He’s a PR guy and he ha…
  • Fri, 14:46: RT @TorreySmithWR: What Roger just said is the exact same thing that players say when they make a mistake and plead their case
  • Fri, 15:13: The PLAYERS are the PRODUCT in the NFL and the NFLPA is going to have a lot to say. Progressive media & beer companies will take a back seat
  • Fri, 15:53: To hell with Roger Goodell and the NFL, where's that Big Brown Truck with my iPhone 6Plus? We know it's onboard @UPS & scheduled 4 delivery
  • Fri, 17:27: RT @RealJamesWoods: A dear friend sent this letter today. Please help me honor the extraordinary girl who wrote it. #KennaLives4Ever http:…
  • Fri, 17:28: RT @NatasjaYonce: Political correctness can destroy an industry & ultimately a country. @Jjc1Jerry @gretawire
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