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  • Sun, 13:38: RT @dfbarron: For those of you confused as to why Texans-Titans is on Fox stations, this explains.
  • Sun, 16:39: There is no difference between those who now embrace Al Sharpton & those who embraced Adolph Hitler. Vote accordingly America 🇺🇸
  • Sun, 17:00: Pereira: Questionable delay of game call gave Lions another chance Those of us on the Falcons money line AGREE 💯%
  • Mon, 07:25: Slow news day in Dallas or more of the same? Progressive message of hope & change killing newspaper businesses
  • Mon, 09:03: Oh my, "smart progressive" pain the ass @ESPN_Colin in my town of Arlington today. I should jump on Spydee & go boo his sorry 🅰💲💲
  • Mon, 09:12: "Good to have you in Dallas Stadium"-@ESPN_Colin Seriously, this guy thinks he's the "smartest" progressive in the room #p2 media moron
  • Mon, 11:00: EX-CBS reporter: Government-related entity bugged my computer | New York Post #SmartNews
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