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  • Sun, 12:09: Wake up call for BIG 12. Get two patsy teams like BIGTEN with Maryland & Rutgers & play MAC non-conference schedule like OSU v Kent State
  • Sun, 12:23: Wisconsin coaches intentionally didn't prepare because they had nothing to win but millions to lose if OSU did not make final 4. All about $
  • Sun, 12:24: RT @BooneOWH: “@ChrisMWilliams: Fine with OSU, a deserving team. If Baylor/TCU were brand names like Texas/Oklahoma, the Big 12 would be re…
  • Sun, 12:29: Oklahoma St wld have won BIGTEN west & fared better vs OSU than Wisconsin who didn't prepare & quit. BIGTEN weakest major conference by far
  • Sun, 12:58: TCU 🐸 got screwed but can 👆the committee by beating Ole Miss, the only team that defeated Alabama, in the Peach Bowl #FinalFour #RollToad
  • Sun, 13:05: It's about the TV ratings & thus the $. ESPN didn't pay billions to see TCU & Baylor play a meaningful game. No integrity, all about the 💰
  • Sun, 13:06: RT @apriljhk: And yes, change TCU and Baylor to OU and Texas and they're BOTH in. So? College football is about haves and have nots. Always…
  • Sun, 13:09: The OSU can lose to 6-6 VaTech & beat up on Kent State & Navy & still get in. TCU & Baylor will have to go undefeated & MAY get in 💰#troof
  • Sun, 13:33: RT @notagiirlscout: notice how coach Patterson ALWAYS acknowledges that we share the big 12 championship w Baylor when coach Briles doesn't…
  • Sun, 13:37: RT @EfrenBlackjack: Early Line: Rose Bowl: Oregon -8 (71.5) vs FSU Sugar Bowl: Alabama -9.5 (58.5) vs OSU @prowrestingnet @JRsBBQ
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