The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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  • Wed, 12:45: Those who support the Imperial Obama Presidency are enemies of the Republic. See the US Constitution for details. Vote accordingly 🇺🇸
  • Wed, 12:59: Despicable un-American Charlie Rangel represents everything wrong with liberal fascism in the United States.
  • Wed, 13:03: RT @ByronYork: On Cuba, rather than spring all these changes on the country, what if Obama had had a national conversation? Also, what abou…
  • Wed, 13:04: RT @ByronYork: 4) The nuclear option. Whole point was to allow Reid to muscle through nominees. In last days in power, Reid did just that.
  • Wed, 13:04: RT @ByronYork: 3) Majority Leader power. Reid could keep the Senate in session as long as he liked. Remember December 24 Obamacare vote?
  • Wed, 13:07: RT @kathlena1: So now we're going to pretend #Cuba is our friend just like we're pretending #Islam is good. obama, always Aiding & Abetting…
  • Wed, 13:08: RT @dbongino: Dropping sanctions on #Cuba while discussing sanctions on #Israel? Incredible hypocrisy, even for this administration.
  • Wed, 13:17: RT @SmallgGay: Obama is like my communist father- he blames America for Cuba's problems rather than communism.
  • Wed, 13:20: RT @SenTedCruz: Obama’s amnesty is harming millions of Texans & Americans. He has no authority to ignore the law. #StopObamasAmnesty http:/…
  • Wed, 16:07: RT @DFWscanner: Manhunt (Cresson) Multiple law enforcement agencies are searching for a male suspect who fled from the scene of an … https:…
  • Thu, 07:58: RT @CharlieDaniels: Does anybody really believe that whatever Obama does for Cuba will relieve the suffering of the common people Dream on.
  • Thu, 08:22: Castro con�fis�cates every dol�lar spent in Cuba, while pay�ing its work�ers in near-worth�less pe�sos. That's not changing under agreement
  • Thu, 08:26: Cuba is a state spon�sor of ter�ror�ism & has helped Venezuela re�lo�cate Iran�ian agents in the Amer�i�cas. Obama taking Cuba off the list
  • Thu, 09:10: Catholic Archdiocese to Close St. Thomas More. It's ALWAYS about the money #OrganizedReligion #CatholicChurch
  • Thu, 10:59: Democrat Listener Calls Into Radio Show to debunk Racist Michelle Obama’s Target Story
  • Thu, 11:36: Dunkin stock down almost 10% on disappointing store sales on packaged coffee.


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