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The other night, Barack Obama gave his first nationwide address as President. To be sure, it was an historic event, but the vision for the future he delivered contradicts many of our historic American values.

Although he denied believing in Big Government, Obama delivered a resounding celebration of federal programs and prescribed more intervention than ever as the cure for our ills.

But this plan stands opposed to the vision of our Founding Fathers.

In 1801, in his first State of the Union, Thomas Jefferson proclaimed that the pillars of American prosperity are “most thriving when left most free to individual enterprise.”

Because they understood the vital importance of fiscal restraint, our early Presidents were often able to announce budget surpluses during the State of the Union.

While Barack Obama warned against the burden of debt upon our posterity, he attempted to defend his own profligate deficit spending as necessary to restart the economy.

This deficit is not a down payment on a future surplus, and his massive “stimulus” spending will only prolong our economic suffering, not hasten our recovery.

This crisis resulted from spending, borrowing, and printing too much money. We lived far beyond our means, forming an overblown bubble of consumption.

And now that bubble has burst.

Instead of returning to a sound and sustainable economic policy, Barack Obama wants to reinflate that artificial boom and leave it to the next generation of Americans to deal with the disastrous consequences of a bust.

And those consequences cannot be overstated. Our federal government is currently on the hook for $56 TRILLION in total liabilities and unfunded commitments.

At this very minute, an American child is born into $184,000 of debt.

Our children and grandchildren will be too insolvent to pass the buck along to the next generation. We must stand up now for this nation’s future.

Campaign for Liberty is leading the charge against Barack Obama’s bankrupt future by fighting to restore the America our Founders envisioned – a nation of free markets, free people, and sound money.

We can restore America’s promise of a better future. But we will need your help.

Campaign for Liberty operates like government should, meaning we will not go into debt. Only your ongoing financial support allows us to stand up against Barack’s broken vision for America.

Please help us in this important fight. If you are able to give to Campaign for Liberty at this time, please click here. If not, we still thank you for standing alongside us in our fight for freedom.

With your help, we can start a R3volution to restore America to the free and prosperous nation our Founders envisioned.

Thank you for taking a stand with us at this critical hour.

In Liberty,

John Tate, President
Campaign for Liberty

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