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Dallas Cowboys release TO in stunning KO

Don't let the door hit you in the ass MOFO.

Safety Roy Williams has also left the building

Sources: Terrell Owens cut by Dallas Cowboys - ESPN

Owens was at the center of a debate involving team chemistry. Romo and Witten remained largely silent on the subject during the season and early into this off-season. Jones has repeatedly said this off-season he does not believe a lack of chemistry played a part in the team's disappointing 9-7 finish that left them as playoff spectators.

Owens, originally scheduled to count $8.995 million against the 2009 salary cap, instead will cost the Cowboys $9.67 million in 2009.

Steven A "for asshole" Smith at ESPN reports that OWENS is "devastated". GREAT. Get the F**ck out of Dallas and don't ever come back Eldorado.  By the way, Steven Asshole Smith has zero talent and is even a bigger piece of garbage than TO.

"This is a guy you can never marry. You can date him for a year but that's it"  -Herm Edwards

No more Jerry double-talk. No more non-denial denials. No more whispers, rumor and innuendo. Terrell Owens’ reign of terror with the
Dallas Cowboys is over. 

Thank Steven Jones for convincing Daddy Jones that TO had to go.  Romo has no excuses now. Its time for Romo to step up or get out.  This is going to be THE year that determines Romo's future with the Cowboys; Danny White or Troy Aikman? This move is not without risk. Some of TO's posse remains but the core of thugs that enabled TO have also been released.  All the pressure is now on Romo. First cut he should make is Jessica Simpson. There will be plenty of time for dating ho's & biactches once the winning is done.

Look for TO to end up in Oakland. Look for the Cowboys to end up being just like Oakland if Jerry Jones does not hire a "football" Director of Operations or relinquish team control to his son Steven Jones. 

Once one of the most popular Cowboys with the most visible jersey, Roy Williams’ seven-year career ended far differently than it started. He leaves town as an oft-criticized target whose departure was more a matter of when than if because of his hefty price tag and glaring pass coverage deficiencies. Williams was the No. 8 overall selection in the 2002 draft out of Oklahoma. The Cowboys' shift to the 3-4 defensive scheme never seemed to fit Williams, who believed his style was much more suited for the 4-3.

Williams, 28, will save the Cowboys $2.2 million on the salary cap and he was due a $4.4 million salary this season. Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones did not get the return on his investment with Williams. He signed a four-year, $25 million deal in 2006, which included an $11.1 million signing bonus and believed he would end his career with the Cowboys.  

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