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How Low Can citi Go? The answer is ZERO!

Shares of Citigroup, once the nation's most powerful bank, fell below $1 a share Thursday.

The stock [C  1.03    -0.10  (-8.85%)   ] fell over 10 percent on the New York Stock Exchange from Wednesday.

New York-based Citi has lost more than 85 percent of its value so far this year, and is down more than 95 percent from a year ago as the bank was pummeled by the financial market crisis.

Citigroup's shares will remain on the New York Stock Exchange. Last week, the NYSE relaxed its listing rules to allow stocks that fall under $1 to still be listed and traded on the exchange.

Short sellers have taken over the market and the Obama Nation has done less than nothing to stop them. In fact, the Obama Nation has continued to make the situation much more severe by bashing every business from Airlines to ZuZu's.  Obama is the most dangerous man in America yet the people continue to put buy his snake oil.  The crisis will continue to get worse each and everyday until the voters wake up and a political bounty is place on the head of every Democrat in office.

S&P down 7% so far this week.  We still have 30 minutes left today and all day tomorrow to go even lower.
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