The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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Comrades stand behind Chairman of the Obama Nation
obama piss
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It looks like the economy is going to have to get much worse before the morons who stand behind Chairman Obama realize the United States is in a downward out of control spiral.  Look for stocks to continue to go lower, unemployment to rise daily, defaults and bankruptcies to break all records.  The people have spoken and thus we live in the Obama Nation and all of us will have to suffer the consequences of our new communist socialist union. 

Stock markets and unemployment are in a free fall.  Millions more will join the unemployment line in the next six months.  Generations have already given up on the stock market, which turned out to be the world's largest casino. 

God help us all.


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Good gawd-a-mighty. I don't believe it!
I actually stumbled upon someone who don't idolize Hopey McChange.

I just may 'steal' your picture now. ;)

I don't see Obama as a Marxist. I see him as a chronic liar and another criminal.

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